Does anyone else suffer from horrific pain in the base of their shoulder blade?

Out of everything I suffer with due to fibromyalgia I find this awful pain hard to deal with!! It's not like the deep burning that you feel in your muscles but its a constant sharp pain in the top of my arm to the base of my shoulder blade. Its got so bad that when I eventually fall asleep the pain is waking me up....don't know if this is linked to fibro or something completely different. All I know is its agony, think I need to write a list ready for my doctor's appointment tomorrow :-(( x

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  • I go armed with lists too :)

    I have had this and have a dropped and rotated shoulder that I didn't even know about as my GP put it down to the Fibro/arthritis.

    It was the physio that I am seeing that picked it up.

    Hurts isn't the word and I really feel for you.Don't get fobbed off by your GP.

    Sending you good vibes and good luck x

  • Thanks, it is worrying me a bit as even though I do suffer with cold hands this is different as my right hand is ice cold. I definitely need physio again its just the referral process that's putting me off as in my dr's we have to refer ourselves and in the past I have found if ive paid privately for phsio they work hard on my muscles, posture etc (but cant afford to pay anymore) but the NHS phsio just get me to stand on balance balls and to be honest that isn't the help I need!! xx

  • No you are right I think that Physio's get a bit stuck with us due to our massive limitations and pain. My hands start to tingle then go ice cold then dead,not sure what is worse??

    I hope you get it sorted xx

  • I have had this for a very long time indeed. I may get a break from it but usually the minute I try to raise my arm it triggers it and then it is agony. Ihope it does ease for you, try a warmed wheat bag on it is it gets really bad xxxx

  • I have had a pain. In my shoulder blade for weeks, and I can't raise my arms either at the moment, heating pads or water bottles do ease it, but once I take them off it starts again, what causes this, anyone know?

  • i hav ehad this on my right side at base of shoulde rbalde and it feels like beign stabbed why do i keep hitting the wromg keys?

  • Try to gentle keep your shoulder moving. The worst thing you can do is hold it still. If movement is agony, try lying face down on the bed with the affected arm dangling over the edge and gentle sway it to and fro. Just within the limits of the pain. . Then get some Bowen.

  • yes i have it at the moment it hurt to sit back an had it a few month ago was very bad then i just put up with it coz nothing helps i just wait for it too wear off not nice but nothing i can do. mind you deep heat creams help a bit & hot bubble baths .how we suffer to the blind eyes !!!!!!!!!

  • back from a visit to the Dr's and she confirmed a full on flare up of fibro and she believes this is the reason for the shoulder pain and accompanying pins and needles, upped my amitriptyline to 75mg for at least 3 months so will see what happens over the next few months. On a positive note she said she'll support my claim for DLA xx

    Can I just ask though Cat what is Bowen?? x

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