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Just joined - feet/ankle question

Hello, I just joined and wanted to ask a question. I was "diagnosed" last year by a rheumatologist. He said I didn't have RA (my 31 year old daughter has RA), or lupus like my 76 year old mom does (she was diagnosed a few years back and has had fibro for years) -- so he said I had Fibro and that my regular doctor could treat me ...

My question is about my feet though. They stay sore when I first get up in the mornings - kinda like if you were trying to walk on rocks, but as the day goes on they get much worse. If I sit down for a few minutes I dread beyond thought the idea of standing back up the pain is so bad and I take one step and work up to the next step, dreading it every second. Is this normal symptom of fibro, and if so does anyone have any suggestions for things that help?

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hi,yes i know exactly what u mean. i said to my gp that my feet are stiff & feel like im walking on stones all the time,she looked at me blankly,this was before i was diagnosed in april after years of pain getting worse over time,even the pain patches didnt help i even tried putting ibrufen creams or gel on my feet,im now on tramadol,pregabalin,naproxen & nortriptyline +paracetamol, on their own none of them were much help but as a combination they do help altho i still have severe pain as soon as i do anything but the stiffness down the soles of my feet are a lot less stiff,but all my limbs & back hurt to some degree all the time,have you had blood tests & scans etc to rule out .im sorry i don't know of anything to take all the pain away,mine stiffen & burn more with walking,a hot water bottle eases it a bit when resting



I am wondering if seeing a podiatrist would help? I was referred by my GP to the hospital podiatrist and it's really helped. I have orthotics which, though they haven't taken all the pain away, do help. I used to feel like I was walking over stones and putting my weight on my feet, even after sitting for a short length of time was painful.




Thanks for sharing that info Jillylin, mine are not quite as bad as missy and bluebell in as much as I don't have that pain everyday though on the days it is bad, like today, I find wearning crocs help more than anything else. I first thought it was because the soles of my shoes were thin but it doesn't seem to matter what I wear on a bad day, but my feet are sore. I only wear my crocs indoors at the moment but I am seriously thinking of getting a pair with the fleece in them, just for a bit of relief.


thanks for info jilly & Lruk can i ask..what are orthotics? i know it's to do with orthopedics but dont know what,yes ive tried so many different types of shoes i can never wear completely flat thats a killer!i must be one of the biggest nightmares going for shoes,i can never find any comfortable enough but then by the time i get to a shoe shop im usually in agony,cant win can we & i cant afford the more expensive ones i have heard that crocs are comfy thanx for that :)


Hi missy1462

I know exactly what you mean! Mine really swell if I am inactive and my doctor says this is a side effect of nortrptaline which I have for my fibro. Hope that helps?

All my hopes and dreams for you.

Ken (the author) x


Morning all I have a similar problem with my left foot, when I put my foot into a shoe it feels like my sock is all bunched up underneath, it's very painful and uncomfortable, I have worn the crocs indoor for some time now , I have just ordered another pair with the fur in again, of course, they are so comfortable, I think you are enter off buying the actual croc make, I knw they are dearer but are worth it, I've tried both....hope this elps and sending you'll a gentle hug...Dee xx


I wear my slippers everywhere. I told my boss the other day that I was wearing my slippers and he said he should really give me a b------ing. I said well I'm either here in my slippers or I'm off sick. He chose to let me wear my slippers so long as I keep a pair of shoes under my desk in case anyone important comes in.

I also wear my slippers to go shopping, I don't care what anyone thinks so long as I am comfortable.


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