Today, something very strange

I have ongoing troubles with my eyes visual and movement. My eyes wander because of problems with the eye muscles and this is apparently down to the fibro. My vision is failing but today when I woke up I found that I could not focus at all. My eyes were still as far as I could tell, but I just could not focus and I found this a bit strange as well as scary. But I do know it is a rpoblem of fibro so as with everything else it is to be accepted and not fretted about. I have had all the other problems with the eyes linked to fibro but this is a first for me as far as trying to focus on inanimate objects(I have not been able to focus on moving objects for years now so find it hard to follow anything on the tv, or vehicles go past me in a blur). It just goes to show when you think fibro has thrown all it has at you it pulls a new trick out of the magicians hat. Hey ho xxxxx

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  • That sounds horrid OG. My sight has deteriorated quite a bit lately and I have suddenly found that I need reading glasses but I suspect mine is just down to my age though. Earlier this evening I lost my specs and thought I had found them in the bedroom. When I complained that they didn't seem to be helping to my OH he laughed and said 'small wonder, you are wearing my bifocals!' Oops - I need glasses to find my glasses!! Best wishes to you. Jane x

  • I have to wear glasses all the time now as i cant see without them. Fibro does have so may tricks. Hope you cant get something sorted tho xxx

  • Hi Ozzy, look at the positive side, you don't get to see the dust lol. I was diagnosed with FM when a eye specialist noted all the symptoms I had on my medical record and started to send me for various tests. I had to hand in my drivers license as my sight was jumping about, and I thought I was the only one who lost the road. I also have photosensitive eyesight and going out into the sun or shopping malls with all that eye ripping artificial light.

    Just another insight to FM and its many symptoms, sometimes I think of FM as a wee drop of mercury rolling about and never knowing where it will hit next

  • I hope this helps. I have been diagnosed with FM for approx 5 years and began having sight issues which still include constant blurred vision, travel and not being able to focus. My GP referred me to the eye infirmary and they advised that I had an issue with the muscles around my eyes. The blurring issue has been resolved through the use of prisms. Without glasses on somedays my eyes were just generally blurred but on other I had to keep blinking to get any kind of focus. I now only visit my optician who adjusts the prism, my actual eyesight isn't bad at all but I need prisms so I can focus and eliminate the blurring for pretty much everything except up close reading. It has been a complete relief, of course tiredness exacerbates the travel and quite probably the blurring that of course is something that I just have to accept.

  • Thankyou all so far. I have distance and reading glasses with prisms on the distance. They wanted me to have Botox in the eye muscles and that for me was a big NO. My prisms are an 8 whereas three months Ionly needed a 6, so maybe it is time to upgrade the prisms lol before this happens again xxxxx

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