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such a wonderful sleep...and then i woke up!!!!!

well i was a bit naughty as its been nearly a wwek with only 3/4 hr sleep so i took some exta meds, it did work i have had a lovely WHOLE NITE SLEEP. then i awoke to the usual swollen hands pins n needles pressure sore not too bad, but then oowww my tummy, its IBS day today, im hint to my oldest that she dont wanna go skool (thinking she wuld say yes and that wuld keep toddler busy ) and too my surpise she sorted out all school stuff herself and got ready??? im confused as normally its a fight to get her off the sofa!!!(her hormones are def coming!) why cant she do this eveyday?????

oh well ce la vie,

got to sort out a company trying to steal from me and get a dla pk sent to me,

hope it will help that about 3 yrs ago i was awarded dla care lower rate only for 3 yrs and they owed me a yr as i had to fight foe it, this was just for my nerve damage and bk probs and help with my care as i was a bit mental mainly because the nhs trying to eliminate my pain ,ade it worse, so im hoping that as they can see i had dla before it will make it easier this time??? i might be wrong?!

oh well suppose time to get on, my brain is slowly waking up, i think its drop her at school in my pj's and coat day today!!!!!

hope u all have a good day, huggles

Tink xxx

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Hi Tink drive care fully in your pjs and coat wont you imagine explaining why you are still in them to a copper. Hope your day improves xgins


lol not the first time i done the pj run sometimes getting dressed in a rush is to hard!!!!!


I have been out in my PJ's plenty of times and I even drive in my slippers!! Never thought of what the police might think if I was stopped though ;-)

Piggie hugs xxxxx


sounds a good fashion with winter coming , just say you are trend setters lol


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