yippeeee asked dla to look at my claim again and ive won

when dwp sent a doctor out to see me never in my wildest dream, would i have thought his report would go in my favour haha sorry dwp, i first applied for dla in july and they turned me down straight away, it was only when i was appealing esa support at m tribunal that the judge asked me if i claimed dla told her i did but i was turned down, she told me on the quiet as shes not supposed to that i should send them a copy of the latest dwp doctors report as in her opinion i should be getting dla, so i photocopied it and sent it to them, in the meantime i lost my appeal supposing due to they had to award me from april as that was when i asked esa to look at my claim again, and not july where i would of won??? appealing now against the appeal, well anyway i received dla letter today and yes been awarded higher mobility and highest care yippeee all thanks to that lovely dwp doctor, it back fired on them this hahahaha. and its back dated from july, just have my fight now with esa.

lots of love xxx

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  • many many congrats im so happy for you really and good to hear some more good news.

    we arent all that lucky.

    seems you also had a nice a judge.i wanna wish you all the very best with e.s.a now.x

  • congratulations,xx

  • I am so happy for you, and I wish you well with the ESA, I am half expecting to lose my DLA next, dreading it as it was awarded years ago indefinitely xxxxx

  • good luck to you im very happy for youxxxxxx

  • thanks so much everyone for your kind words, i hope everything turns out for you all, we have so much more to prove having fibro , we are ill in pain exhausted etc, so when someone believes what you say especially a dwp doctor it gives hope to everyone, they are not all bad apples as all the rest ive seen were

    lots of love

    bella xxxxx

  • well done!



  • Nice one, its lovely to hear good news xx

  • Hip Hip Horray Bella,

    I'm so happy for you thats on in the eye for the Dwp, love to hear stories like this, it should be headlined here and left on forever just to show WE CAN WIN, horrahhhhhhhhhh xxxxx have a nice weekend pet, you deserve it and take care xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Wonderful wonderful just wonderful.. justice is served.. literally xxx Now why cant it just be added to the DLA on their list of accepted disabilities.. its beyond me..x

  • Well done my fibro friend. xx

  • thanks everyone, you are all so kind, i dont know what we would do if we didnt have this site

    , true honest people , who all understand what fibro does to us once again thank you sending you all my love


  • Congratulations, nice to know somebody wins occasionally x

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