Hi its now 5.43 not been to sleep yet, been to bed but get even more frustrated there so downstairs drinking more tea and thinking all sorts

of things as im sure lots here do . Anyway I did post a question last week maybe even two cant remember as head forgets so much , I would like some feedback from anyone who was on dla and now been moved to pip ? if so did you loose what you were getting on dla meaning not get the pip award ? also I get at the moment high rate mobility and low rate care but I saw on pip site they have done away with the low rate of care there are just 2 rates for care now equal to the middle and high rate care on what was dla I have filled sent my pip forms back but the worry is getting to me big time as I have a car on the mobility , if I get them both I know I will be a little better of on the care side with just the 2 rates just wondered if anyone that was on dla lost it all to pip , soz if im gabbing on lol thanks for reading

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  • hi Jane

    Sorry can't answer any questions about PIP. Just was also awake at 5.43 worrying about oversleeping as I am going out this morning. So been up since 6.18 to get ready for a 9.00 appointment.


  • Hi Jane sounds like hell caught in all that worrying . It will drive your fibro up so try to take care and think if I may suggest what can be done today and at the very worst you can always appeal and even though im no decision maker im pretty sure they don't give out high rate for nothing. So would feel certain you have good grounds to appeal . Really hoping you have a quiet day and some sleep too. sorry it cant be the decision makers voice for you or the letter you need but sure hope it helps to settle you for a little while. xx

  • I too was up in the night drinking tea.

  • Hi Jane

    Some weeks back we decided to start a Night Club for all the poor sufferers like myself and others you are welcome to join but we wish we had no members! Mind you it seems as though we are keeping the tea industry in business. You might not have got many answers about the PIP as it seems to have only been wheeled in in certain areas of the country and in the other areas it is only if it is due for renewal or there is a change in circumstances. Like the others I feel that HR mobility isn't given out if not necessary as of course it entitles you to use the mobility car system. I am on the LR of care and I am worried when mine comes for renewal next April that I will miss out because of there just being the two rates. I use it to run my old car which gives me a bit of independence and enables me to also help my elderly friend who doesn't drive get out for a day a week. The Benefit and Works site is a mind of information on all things to do with PIP and is well worth the membership. Remember when filling in any forms concentrate on what you can't do and not what you can. Hope that all your worries are needless. big hugsx

  • Hello Jane59,

    You seem fairly confused so I'll try and help if I can, as I am a little unsure what you are needing to know.

    Are you currently on DLA and have been sent a form to complete for PIP? PIP is the new benefit that is in place of DLA. Any award on PIP will be in place of the DLA.

    Here is a booklet explaining how the Motability Scheme will work under the new PIP scheme (link below). You will need the Enhanced Rate of the Mobility Component of PIP to be eligible for a motability car.


    I would like to also provide these two factsheets about PIP & motability from Disability Rights UK which may be of interest;



    I hope this has helped and alleviated any concerns you may have had about how the new welfare reform works.

    Best Wishes

    Emma :)

    FibroAction Administrator

  • Hi yes I am on low rate care and high rate mobility on dla I have sent my pip forms in and now awaiting the verdict what I was asking was ...... is they anyone out there that was like me on dla and changed over to pip and ended up losing it or did they basically get the same under pip ? I was also saying as im on low rate care under dla how will or does it affect us now they have changed it to just 2 bands , I maybe didn't explain myself clearly lol I had been up all night was as tired as a basket full of puppies yet cud I sleep no

  • Hi jane59

    I am so sorry to read that you are experiencing these difficulties at this time and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues.

    You posted two questions and I pasted a link to where the question was asked by somebody else and members have been awarded PIP after claiming DLA.

    I have pasted you the links to your two previous questions as the answers are there for you.



    I sincerely hope that you feel better soon and can manage some real quality sleep.

    Ken x

  • thanks for comments and kind words its no wonder im confused I am now taking 7 different meds daily and now been told I need to have calcium d injections the fact I am now on long term steroids and my illness is getting so bad along with osteoarthritis spelt wrong I think and cant be bothered to get up and look how to spell it lol that now my teeth are falling out and my bones starting to crumble o the joys of being ill and the worry from pip and dla I told them on esa I worked in education had a good rewarding job that I loved do they really think I would pack it all in to get a measly 107 pounds a week errrrrrrr don't think so anyway don't know what I do without this site to read other peeps probs makes me feel less alone my family and hubby are amazing but he needs to work and my kids have young families so I try not to bother them love to all

  • Hi jane59

    I just wanted to say that to your husband, your kids and grandkids who really love you, that you are the most important person in the whole wide world, and if you do not feel well please tell them, as they will be really concerned about you?

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Hi, I have been awarded high rate of mobility and high rate care on PIP. My doctor backed me this time. The mobility part is because of severe oesteoarthritis, and the care part recognises the effects of FM & OA. I was very surprised at this result as i was turned down for DLA twice, and even when i won an appeal 2 years ago, it was only for 8 months. Have to say tho, capita took 9 months to reach this decision. I hope this helps a little.

  • Hi dottydoris

    I just wanted to say congratulations, this is wonderful to read. It is so lovely when members have good news like this.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

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