Won my dla appeal

I've been fighting for dla for 16 months appeal was cancelled twice so the 3rd time was last Thurs we had been waiting for my esa med report but it didn't turn up lucky enough there was a pp frm dla there my rep and her were called in2 the appeal room and the panel told the pp 2 chase up the med report and see if there was enough on it 2 make an award for dla coz im on the support group of esa b4 the appeal would hav 2 go ahead well my rep told me it would take a week and she would fone me when she heard from the pp.so 2 day my rep foned me 2 say that I won middle personal care and high rate mobility I nearly fainted.apparently in very rare cases the appeal panel will do this I feel so lucky so people don't ever give up on what ur entitled 2 its been a long road with lots of tears but I did it thanks 2 my sdlp councillor xox

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  • I am so pleased for you. I remember the relief when hubby won his appeals I wish my pip was over we have been told to phone early on mon when they sort the home visits. so hope fully we will know more then. Anyway congrats again sue

  • well done im really pleased for you, i have 2 dla appeals been a yr now for mobility & about 8 mths for care part but they're hearing both on the same day x

  • Hi shaz66

    I am so happy for you! This is absolutely wonderful news, and I truly believe that all Fibro sufferers should get this benefit.

    Well done

    Ken x

  • Thanks everyone for your kind wishes keep fighting for what is rightfully ours I did and look what happened gentle hugs 2 everyone xox

  • We'll done Hun am going through the same since last August x

  • Hi Shaz glad to hear you won your appeal, bet you've been to hell and back worry wise. I'm glad its behind you now and you can take care of your health issues instead of having to think about that all the time. good luck for the future. MG X

  • Absolutely terrific news Shaz! Well done for getting through the process in one piece. Good things CAN happen. :-)

  • Don't give up hope Debstops its been a long and frustrating road but good will out pet there was times when I wanted 2 give up but I prayed 2 my mum god rest her 2 help me find the strength 2 carry on and never give up hope it goes well 4 U gentle hugs and 2 put the icing on the cake had 2 fill in a renewal form for my esa support group sent it bk last Fri and this morn got a letter 2 say it has been renewed support group again feelin blessed xox

  • so pleased you won your appeal.x

  • Congrats:-)))

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