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I NEED A MOAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

need to get this off my chest....ive just won a big battle for d.l.a....... ive been awarded 3 yrs thank god and i keep the car....that was nonly about a month the mean time my daughter due to recesion has lost her house, her partner is trying work 60 hrs a wk she is working also as a care girl. they literaly pass in the street, one coming in to have the 2 kids who are 5 and 7 and one going out to work, her partner only gets 3 hrs sleep before the next shift, due to having the kids till she comes home from work....anyway to try keep it short , the morgage people are selling there house. they are both giving up there jobs as they have no choice to move down to me 300 miles away.they are staying with me till they get a council house , they both can walk into a job each also......they leave behind my old mum who is 82 with dementia and wrere trying to keep her at home with care comong in, incidently my daughter is her main care girl......she has to leave behind my son who is 35 and has m.s. since he was 20yr.............and my youngest son whos girlfreind is trying to screw him for his house... not counting my sugerpie.....he is her oldest son who is almost 19 and the council said he would have to go in a homeless placeand they think that she can leave him in there and come to me. [ he doesnt want to leave the area as he has a girl friend there and more choice of jobs, he lost his job last wk incidentley. ].on top of all that tday just as i thought things are sorting themselves out a bit, i have received the dreaded leter about my incapacity and d.l.a. i have 1 wk to wait for the fone call.............i wonder how much can someone take who has severe stress fibro and almost everything that comes with it...terable migrains and also M.E. be honest i want to die tday............sorry everyone, i needed to tell it to someone..............

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Sorry to see that u r having such a rough ride at the moment and so is your family, government has a lot to answer for as the rich get richer and the poor poorer, the full system stinks. I feel for u greatly, my sis in law is in the same boat at moment and she has also had 3 severe operations on her spine, told under no circumstances she is able to do any form of work, but they take her to court saying falsely claiming DLA, when she has always done everything by the book. Makes me sick, how they can dictate that someone can live off £58 a week to cover mortgage, food,bills etc.. Will pray that everything goes well for u and sending a great big hug to try help you to cope with the stress, 1 thing to cope with is enough without the vast array of stuff going wrong for you at moment within your family I really pray that things will sort themselves out for the good very soon xx love and hugs xx


Sometimes the gods seem to conspire against us and everything implodes. One thing is for sure, you cannot deal with all of this. If your daughter and her partner are coming to you, then maybe at this time it is meant to be because you certainly need someone there to help you and you can be there for them as well. No one can be there for everyone and I know it is leaving people in need in a terrible situation, but maybe they are needed to be with you more right now. You are the type of person who puts everyone elses needs in front of your own but you cant change it. Once things are a little more settled, then ou will have the strength to try and get some help for those other people. I know it sounds selfish but right now, you need the help too. Hugs to you x


awwwwww so sorry about yr sis in law...give her my best....mine is just geting over breast cancer....thanx for yr reply. u have a good day....xxxxxxxxxxxxx


o julieru thanx so much for that i never thought of it that way......i just need to blow off steam. weve had hardly any water here for 2 wks as well and the council are passing me to the water board and there pasing me bk to the council. im forever on the fone......but im wondering that is a good question to we all who have fibro put others before ourselves......cause most of the ones i spoke to do.....could that be something that makes it worse..........mmmmmmmmmmmm i wonder xxxxxxxxx


Hi there ginge,

No wonder you want a whinge, you go ahead.

Just want to send you a big gentle hug hun.

kel xxx


oh you really are having it bad today and have been for a while now you have popped we all do we have to i am so sorry that younhave all this on your plate at the min that wont hlp your fibro but it will get better i promise you when you get as low as you the only way is up you cannot get any further down so i do hope your journey up will start soon , please dont say you wan to die i went out tonihjt unexpectedly with my sis and 2x nieces for ameal whilst there we met a girl we knew years ago she move d to dubai 2 years ago with her 2x kids and hubby it was for his job they were well off had lovely lifestyle she had servants didnt work you get the pic

anyway he rode trial bikes and raced them as a hobby one day was out on bike racing in a comp when he got hit he ended up bain damaged h was flown to hospital out there then transferred to local hospital here in england he doesnt know anything being kept alive totally paralysed can only move his eyes she goes to see him 2x a week he hasnt a clue wh o she is or she is there the kid sgo not very much she hs had to work and clain she is a single mum she has lost everything

so you see ther is always someone worse she is an inspiration she really is she had it all they all did and now she is really struggling that really gave me a kick up the bum that did it was only 16 months ago me and my sister were near to tears when she was telling us she is so brave so you see there really is someone who is always orse off love to you diddle x


hi diddle, i am so sorry for yr freind, that bought tears to mt eyes to....i know theres other people worse than me, its the fact that its my family i cant stand..i do feel beter after a blow out now....perhaps i might get a bit of sleep wishes xx


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