Wish someone would come and make me a cuppa????

oh to be able to ring a bell and just get a cup of tea bought to you !!!! but i am not in that bracket i have to do it myself lol, well my daughter would do it if she was up but its early for her(early for anyone!) and she got to go to work at half 8 bless her. oh well now gonna drag my acing body over to kettle (making sure its not too full!!) i reall not strenght today to lift it. hope you all had good night and are relatively pain free today love and soft hugs Diddle xxxx

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  • Morning Diddle. I was up at 6:15am. Made a cup of tea ok. It's getting down on to the loo that's my problem. :( It's usually the first thing we have to do isn't it, full bladder, early morning, but I dread getting down there and getting off can take ages. I've got a radiator and a shower cubicle I can hang on to but there's just no spring there to move myself.

    On my way over with a cuppa but it might be cold when I arrive!! :)


  • LOL. I think I'm going to break mine one of these days by dropping heavily on to it. My loo is low too. Mum had one of those high seats that you can put on but I'm not sure about those. You would have to unscrew it or whatever every day to clean it and I'm not sure how easy or difficult that would be.

  • Definitely :(

  • what about one of those riser things? they just go on top and are quite secure. xx

  • lol bless your heart pity we did not live in same road we could all see who was better/worse each day and help each other out on daily basis ha ha now got a coffee but will look forward to your tea and dont worry bout it being cold i am used to that its a mum thing isnt it used to cold drink s love to you and hope your not suck in loo??????????? Diddle xx

  • lol, I'm just working myself up to popping into the loo again before the baby arrives. xxxxxx

  • you need an ejector seat sue! lol sorry shouldnt laugh but we do get some funny vision reading what we all write! hope you day was not too bad. xx

  • can you still buy those? to be honest after being in bed since 11 and no sleep ansd pain jus wanna get out of it anyway lol perhaps i could hire someone to come in and do all my housework and look after me all day/night a live in maid what do you think ? she could peel my grapes for me and take out the pips ? mmmm maybe thats a thought do you think the dss would go for that one ? maybe i will ask . love and soft hugs to you diddle x

  • It's just like that isn't it, you're still tired and would love to curl up and go back to sleep but you HAVE to get up cos you ache so much.

    In my house, being a childminder, I spend quite a lot of time peeling oranges and taking the pips out for the kids LOL At least I can sit at the kitchen table to do that.

    I've actually got a cleaner. And I'm not even posh!!!!! :) :) She comes for an hour and sometimes 2 hrs a week and she does my upstairs bathroom cos I just can't get down to clean the bath and my downstairs cloakroom. I manage the best I can the rest of the week but at least I know it gets a good clean once a week. She hoovers my stairs and bedrooms too. She only charges £8 an hour so while I'm working, I'm having her. I only get £3.25 an hour but will have her as long as I can. xxx

  • oh you are posh having a cleaner (lol only joking) thats good and yes while you can have her good for you and i hate peeling oranges love thenm but hate all the sticky on my hands !!! maybe i could get someone jus to do that every day peel my oranges what do you think / love and soft hugs to you xxx diddle

  • My bedroom has gradually turned into a bed-sit lol - kettle coffee etc. tv. Computer. DVD/CD.s oops secret - cake and biscuit tins. paper plates. Friends find it hilariouse have offered to buy a small fridge to complete the room - I have my standards lol- said no. End of the day its a case when feeling bad give in.When feeling a bit better chug along and do the necessity work first.Easy to say for me as I am on my own but when family is included DELEGATE.

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