just been to esa tribunal , now the wait for decision

well just had my esa support tribunal, their going to write t me decision next week, oh i hope its good news, my hubby thought it went well, the judge actually asked me if i claim dla , i told her ive just claimed and was turned down, she thought that was strange as dwp sent a doc to examine me 4 week ago which the judge said supports my evidence, she said im not supposed to tell you this but photo copy doc report and ask them to look at my claim again, as dla only judged me on gp report, and as dwp sent this doc that is crucial evidence in my favour? so fingers crossed everyone plz xxx

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  • so pleased all went well for you lv xx

  • I photo copy all my DLA,INCAPASITY FORMS ALL DOCTORS REPORTS,I have a page on my computer call " Medical Appointments 1993-2012 " which I photo copier with doctors reports and when CAB was filling my form in I got photo copies them to send them to DWP/ATOS....just waiting to be called for medical.

    Good luck with your ESA !


  • Going for Medical: Bring someone with you. Let that person carry your handbag..Why ? 'cos if you carry a bandbag you can carry shopping etc. Ask for your interview to be taped,and if they say they can't or don't do that they are lying.If you are a member of UK Fibromyalgia or Fibromyalgia Syndrome Awareness as I am you will read abour people going for medical and what they were asked....like do u have a pet ? if u have a pet you can look after yourself...Do u watch corrie? if you say yes,you can sit down for 30 minutes ....THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS,THEY'RE TRY TO TRICK YOU,ONE DOCTOR TOLD A LADY I'M ONLY DOING THIS FOR "BEER MONEY " !

    How do you do do your shopping ? Answer your friend,partner does it on line for you or goes to the shop for you NOT WITH YOU !

    They ..ATOS..are getting BIG money to get us OFF benefits..IC & DLA..when there are NO JOBS for our children never mind us

    Look upon them as SCAMMERS because that's what they are !!

    Think before you say anything ..

  • i red your advise thanks very much

  • Good luck x

  • it was a tribunal not a medical? already been for medical.

  • Good luck I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Just going through the same process mysekf so know how hard it can be. They are right about ASOS too they don't give a damn about you, just the cash they get for getting you off ESA or DLA. I hadn't slept for three days when I had mine, was in pain and tearful but she pushed anyway. She asked if I could push a button, then despite the fact I can only get round on crutches decided if I could push a button then I could push the button on a micro wave or kettle and so make meals and drinks. Obviously I am supposed to then carry them on my head.

    Do appeal on the DLA. The solicitor I saw recently said that they can still win on appeal for most ppl on DLA. It's ESA that they say is the really hard one. It sounds at keast as though you got a sympathetic panel (most ppl one here seem to have had the opposite) so good luck. I would say use CAB to help and if you can get legal aid a solicitor.

  • It sounds like you were lucky and got a very nice Judge fro your tribunal, good luck with the results it sounds pretty positive. Let us know when you hear something and definately appeal the DLA too xx

  • thanks everyone for you kind wishes, ill keep you posted xxx

  • Good luck i do hope you win :)

  • I have just been to see my GP.I told her that what

    ever I read it all comes down to the GP's letter or phone conversation with ATOS.She told me she has had patients in her surgery giving out to her because they have lost there benefits and they are blaming her ,and she said I haven't talked or witten a letter to DWP/ATOS so dwp / atos are lying and putting the blame onto the GP's which she is not happy about.She has written a letter of complained to DWP/ATOS,as they are telling lie's to her patients and she does not agree with the way ATOS are doing things. She swang her arms about & said they have a axe and they are swing it,without stopping and getting EVERYONE off benefits,they don't care what illiness you've got.Its very hard she kept saying.Its very hard..

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