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I am feeling so very fed up help

I wrote on here the other day about how bad last weekend was I was nearly sectioned and how I was being taken advantage of by my grandsons mother plus problems to do with this bedroom tax,well things have not improved and im more down and still feel like ive had enough I wont phone breathing space again s that's how I ended up being taken to hospital last week I had a unanoused visit from a housing benefits officer last week she was really horrible and ignored the fact I was getting quite distressed she said I couldent put that my carreer and uses the spare room but she is and does use that room like this weekend and last week as that was the only reason psychiatrist would allow me home on the basis that my daughter stayed with me for a few days anyhow I got a letter today from council wanting me to fill out a form its asking so many questions I know this is just the start of things to come my dla is due for review in November I have had to fight for my last 2 going to tribunial the last time my dla was stopped for 6 mths which left me in very bad debt and I ended up having to go bankrupt I just cant go through it all again I don't have the strength my dla when it was reinstated also was changed from high rate mobility down to low I desperately need a scooter but cant afford one so im stuck in this house 24/7 with just my cat and dog for company ive lost all intrest in everything and just feel like crying which is so not like me I honestly don't think I can hold on much longer its like im having a fight inside my head im only here because of my son and daughter and have become a burden my son is in prison and my daughter works and live quite along way away plus she has already done enough this is not fair on her im so confused.

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Hello Munchkin62,

Sorry to hear you are still feeling low in mood, you sound like you have many worries that are causing you increased stress impacting on your Fibro.

Are you feeling extremely low to the point that you need to seek medical help like last weekend, if so please phone NHS Direct or go to your local A & E if you really feel you need urgent help from a medical professional.

The Samaritans are a charity you can call if you are feeling distressed too, the number is below


08457 90 90 90

If you feel you do not need the above services at the present time, I would consider making an emergency appointment with your GP for tomorrow to discuss your feelings of low mood. You may need a medication review to help you through this acute phase or a referral to the Community Mental Health Team for a comprehensive review.

Have you got a local branch of MIND near you ? Some branches have an advocacy service, where a volunteer comes out and helps to fill in forms etc. You may consider finding out , to see if this will take some of the concerns/worries of your shoulders which may help.

Please know we all understand, we will always listen and will always try to help as best we can



hi munchkin, have you been in touch with the citizens advice people? ring and ask for an urgent appointment.

as far as I know the housing officer had no right to be in your house and should not have stayed. I think that you can also challenge what she said about the carer needing the spare room -

more people are being given discretionary relief on appeal, don't lose hope.

have you seen your gp about how you are feeling?

keep in touch on here and maybe consider calling the samaritans for someone to talk to.




Hi Munchkin,

I'm sorry you are so down, but Sandra is right about the housing officer - she has no right to come to your home and bully you! You would be within your rights to call the Police and have her removed.

I understand that you are not too keen on being sectioned to hospital, but would it be so very bad? It might be an answer to your problem, as they could treat your depression and refer you to Social Services who would sort out this dreadful situation.

In fact you could self-refer - just ring your local Social Services and ask for the Duty Officer.

I am very sympathetic to your situation, but you need practical help and to have your housing sorted out. You would be classed as a 'vulnerable adult' and as such are entitled to extra help and care, but it looks as though that has not yet been brought to anyone's notice.

Please write down a list of your concerns, as you have done here, and contact both your GP and Social Services. In fact your GP may well assist you with that referral.

Take care, and best wishes for a good sort out of your situation.

Moffy x


munchkin hi, I to have been feeling like you for quite sometime. I have been to my GP and had to go several time to get referred to services to help me. I to have a few personal family issues which adds to the stress plus the usual Fibro moods.I self harm, don't eat, don't look after myself and basically if it were not for my little girls would not be here in a heartbeat. I have tried a few times to end things and have not got far apart from a hospital visit over night a sore tummy and headaches. But deep down I know its not worth it, they want you to feel like s***. The last straw was the doctor telling me I MAY HAVE !! dementia, if he is not sure why say that? He already knows I feel hopeless about not looking after my kids, sorry I am side tracking. Anyway, I also am going through the DLA process and ESA again and appeal, dont let them get an easy ride, fight, fight , fight. We usually win!!!!! I get very upset and have anxiety, I am praying to god my doc can get me out of it as it is detrimental to myhealth to attend. I get very anxious and have panic attack, severe migraine attacks, as I stress out for a week before hand and by the time I go my head is exploding. Sorry I am not being very supportive, it nice to get this off chest. Munchkin, I to have emergency contacts and yes NHS 24 is a good one, I have called them before and they are very helpfull and very quick at coming to see you. I wanted to get sectioned but they thought I was not a threat to myself, this is although I cut myself??? Dont quite understand there theory behind that decision. Sorry am going off on one again. Dont know how much help I have been but understand how you feel honey and try to call the right people, its harder to accept help than do something awful. But getting help will make you feel better!!


hi all just an update,i saw my gp today along with my support worker he had receieved a letter from psychiatrist at hospital from last week he said that I am to be assessed by the local psychiatry team and that hospital dr had said it was urgent also im being referred to physio about lumps on back,whilst we were out my support worker took me to the council on disability and they have made me an appointment for 2 weeks time as I was coming out there was a scooter parked outside and I said I so wish I could afford one of those and the woman from the centre said oh we will put in for a grant for you !! so got quite a bit done only down point today got home to find housing benefit woman had been back and put a letter through the door wanting to discuss my £45 rent arrears for pitys sake they know I am waiting to submit a discretionary payment form they just wont leave me alone,thanks to all of you who wrote back to me it did help xx


Hi I just wanted to say how absolutely awful this persecution of the sick and disabled is it is disgusting they way most of you have been treated the people who are supposed to be helping vulnerable people have no conscience. If it wasn't for the kindness and understanding of the people on this site im sure many of us would have given up and ended things I know I have felt like this on many occasions but with the kind and loving support you freely give keeps myself and I'm sure many others from going under.thank you so much from the bottom of my heart xxx ? gentle hugs


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