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Should I get the flu jab?

I'm in a bit of a quandary. My workplace is offering the flu jab at the moment, and I'm not sure whether to go for it or not. I've only ever had it once before, when I was still a teenager, and ended up with a horrendous cold shortly afterwards (which I understand is fairly common). I don't generally have flu (I'm inclined to think I've never had it, to be honest), which is why I've never bothered with it since. Obviously, with the fibro, I'd rather not have flu, though!

On the other hand, with my OH going in for major surgery in less than a fortnight, the last thing I can afford to do is get a cold, give it to him, and end up forcing a postponement of his op! I'm already chocking myself up with vitamin C and zinc to avoid anything that might be doing the rounds!

So, what do I do? Do I get the jab now and hope for the best, or do the same as I usually do and presume that I'll remain lucky on the flu-front? Or wait until he's out of the 'danger zone', and then get myself vaccinated?

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I had it last year as my husband has to have it due to his asthma and other incurable lung disease that I can't spell ..... Brochiectasis ....... My OH got if free I went to chemist and paid to reduce his risk... I have to say I thought I was going to die at one point I have never had flu so badly as the feeling I got from the jab... When I was able I actually went back to the pharmacist and asked if the jab was supposed to make you feel worse than actually having flu..... This year my husband is having his I am NOT we figured out if he was vaccinated again he probably wouldn't catch flu if I got it plus he is on permenant antibiotics at a low dose so they should knock out any germs I Please note this is just my opinion ... I react badly to loads of meds so its probably just me ...... I have decided my body just doesn't like me so as it is stuck with me it just decides to be as awkward as possible.

VG x


Hi - I guess there is a risk of being oversensitive to the vaccine and people FMS being knocked out by the body's effort to make antibodies. I think it is worth noting though that antibiotics have NO effect at all on the cold or flu. Antibiotics are only good for certain bacterial infections and the cold and flu are viruses. You may get a bacterial infection on top of the virus which will respond to antibiotics, but if it is the flu - antibiotics are a waste of time. Hope you have a safe and healthy winter xx



Hi SootyB, my view is YES. If you have the flu - you really know about it and I think we fibromites can ill afford to be knocked over by the flu. I was trained in giving the flu jab along with the swine flu a couple of years ago. I am a registered nurse (although my job isn't in nursing anymore) The cold you got after the flu jab would have most likely been incidental as the vaccine is not 'live' and only makes your body make the antibodies. That can sometimes make you feel a bit achey and have a temperature when your body is working to make the antibodies - but that doesn't happen to everyone. If you can get it for free with work - get it done asap. The bugs are landing!!! I will be making sure I get mine :-)

Hope that this helps

Best wishes SuzySparklexx

check this website out for more information -


Sorry I didn't mean the antibiotics would wipe out the cold and flu they just stop the chest infections he gets constantly when not on antibiotics.



hiya i always get the flu jab but im asthmatic.i dont generally have any symptoms from fella refuses to have it done despite this illness and m.e..

but im thinking of having it done again .

hes silly has he gets a cold or flu and it wipes him out.

all i get is a very sore arm for a few days.

i contracted swine flu a few years back twice in a month .so i ainet taking any chances with flu...x


One year I took it just as I was coming down with a cold and it made me ill and I still got flu that year.

Ever since I have postponed it if I was feeling sniffly and I have been okay; I just had one heavy cold and a couple of sniffles last year; although I do think that zinc and vitamin C are excellent as a preventative and a treatment.

Providing you are feeling as okay as you ever are then I would go and have the jab; I'll definately be having mine this year.

((((( gentle hugs )))))

Julie xxx


I would say yes , i got flu about ten years ago and was desperately ill for about 6 weeks, my doctor insisted that I had it the following winter. I have never had any ill effects, note even a sore arm.So go get it done.Cheers Joyce xx


I have flu jab every year I spend a good half of my day in bed now and ache in places I didnt know I could and it always takes me twice as long as anyone else in my family to get over things. I wouldn't miss it.


This is soo interested.... as you all seem to agree.. however I would never get another flu jab... I had one at 16 my first and last.. oh so many moons ago.. but it still remains a thought and put me off due to the fact that I had flu after flu and then went down with glanular fever.... I was so poorly... So being as I have auto immune issues, I try and go down the healthy food, nutrition supplements route... Interestingly though.. although I suffer with the shivers, tingles, sweats, hot and cold which is from fibro... I havent had a cold or flu since being diagnosed...mmmm "thinking" as to why...

Whatever you decide to do it will be right for you, as decisions can only be made at the time and at that time you will do whats right.. confused.. ha ha ,... me too. ;-) x


I had my flu jab last Monday, due yo being asthmatic and my 13 yr old had as well due to her being asthmatic. We've both had it for 5 years and never had any reaction to it.

I would have it cause its a lot better than having flu


Looks like most are in favour of it, then, and a couple of people have had nasty reactions. Well, I'm in Occy Health on Monday anyway, so I'll see if they can squash me in after my appointment with the doc. Fingers crossed for no cold afterwards, although it doesn't sound like that was linked to the flu jab anyway!

Thanks for the advice, all! Gentle hugs!

Sara xx


A lot of people feel poorly after their first flu jab, but subsequent ones don't seem to cause any trouble.

Even if you do react badly, it's better to feel rotten for a day or two than to have a dose of flu which can kill you.

I would advise anyone to have this shot, even if they have to pay for it - it's a life-saver!


I had mine yesterday, and no reactions so far!


Yes I would advise you to get it. Had ME/FM now for 25 years. My arm is sore for a couple of days but positive side of it well outweighs how I'd feel if I got the flu.


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