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Flu jab . Was asked to have one last year but not this year? Hmm

Is it necessary?

Before my brain MRI last year i got a letter asking me to go flu jab.

Mri clear and this year not asked despite being under braun specialist ( physcologist in other words ) haha hmm .. I picked up a px from Dr's and was packed with ppl waiting, soon as i walked in the receptionists said straight away ... ' have you come for flu jab caroline'?

I said nooo not thought about it..

Do we need one considering we share the same symptoms as other illnesses who have one . Funnily enough i woke 4am again really bad aching and weak and aches n pains , hot n cold sweating . Had no voice allll day with painful throat but can eat and drink still.

Managed to get to wrk so i not that bad! Left leg got pains meaning leg kept giving on me. I sound cold as well

So why no flu jab hmmmm xxxxxx

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This is a personal issue and different for each of us Caroline. If we have other conditions where a flu jab is recommended then it is best that we have one (eg: Diabetes, Asthma etc).

Not all surgeries routinely offer patients with Fibromyalgia flu jabs, they seem to have their own eligibility criteria. If would be best to have a word with your GP if you would like to have one to see if it would be possible at your own surgery.

I personally haven't any other conditions that automatically make me eligible for a flu jab and I am perfectly happy not having one. The one occasion I did have one, I was really poorly after it, so I would sooner take a chance. If I had another condition however that made me eligible, then it would be responsible for me to have a flu jab.

Hope that makes sense. :)


Thanks liberty

I think last year was precaution.

I not fussed i guess but i am full of it at moment and around elderly all time.

I have bhms/eds, ibs, gastro, & beta blockers so guess am ok



I wouldn't imagine you would be offered one routinely on that basis Caroline, but if you are at all concerned and think you should have one, by all means have a word with your GP who can advise you on this.

Take care. :)


Hi fairy, my oh is in the at risk group he gets his... Last year I tried to help by going and getting one paid for at the chemist... It made me so I'll I felt like I had the flu and my OH ended up looking after me more than ever .. So from a personal view as I am not at risk I am not going to pay to make myself feel worse

VG x



Thanks for your view on Flu jab i will have to be with you on this then as the changes in my body from last year to this is weaker and feel rough 'flu like' anyway and at minute both hubby and me have got a rough cold he obviously 'man flu' and he is very grumpy!! I am pretending i live alone lol.

He helps me a lot with my problems but have to say if he was chronically ill omg i think Divorce hehe.. I laugh and joke all time whatever condition unless am throwing up badly .i keep losing my voice with coughing at mo and trying to breeeeath.

There is pharmacies that do the flu jab and now i have had your response and ladygreens i see differently.

Thanks am very grateful for everyones views on it.

Hows VG doing this weekend ?

I am rough on rough lol = rougherty rough haha



I have been offered a jab but declined it as I have read some research that suggested we should not have it as it can set off a bad flare and flue like symptoms (as VG found above). The research suggested that we should only have the jab if we have another condition that would make the risk advisable ie heart problems or breathing difficulties. Many of us with Fibro have issues with drug sensitivities so I think it is something that needs to be thought through perhaps with the advice of your GP. Best wishes. Jane x


Hi Ladygf

Very good point i think.

As i never looked at it in that way, sometimes i wander what brain i was given haha.

Last year like i said they called for me, as they say people with as you said above and neurological problems (which i guess is what i thought my problems must be if seeing Brain specialist )

Parkinsons, Ms is but what we have is not? Our nerves are being compressed which means the wrong signals are being sent from our Brains to different parts of body which is unpredictable.

I read and understand a lot but not good at putting into context.

So this is why i guess i thought we should have flu jab.

i was ok but like many and after what my Neirologist said, that i should not of had the operations either (no idea) guess its diwn to the aneasthetics and after effects as in recovery and the flares.

Which is where my problems started after last op.

Got Titanium which i believe plays a big part after previously having belly piercing and got badly infected ( Titanium) did not know it was Titanium until recently as researching why i like i am. I said i was allergic but then again even toothpaste.

I have had 6 operations in total.

So far lyrica is fine for now and pain relief.

My mum just keeps on saying i think you should have flu jab lol

I said the Dr's know what they doing.

I think she believes that you are classed as ' ill' and at high risk so because i not had one this means am ok!!!

Thank you for putting it that way as makes so much more sense and actually i would now feel more risk if had one xx


I always have my 'flu jab, because having had 'proper 'flu' once, I don't think I could survive another bout.

A doctor friend of mine always said that with a really bad cold you feel afraid you might die, but with 'flu you start wishing that you would!

I think he was absolutely right - and people often think they've got 'flu when in fact they have a heavy cold - which can certainly make you feel pretty rough.

I had my 'flu jab three days ago, and yes, I do have a 'flare' of symptoms, which may be a coincidence, I don't know, but I am confident that this will disappear within the week, and it's infinitely preferable to a dose of 'flu.

I'm going to have a restful weekend with a pile of good books and plenty of Tramadol - am hopeful of being human again Monday-ish!

P.S. Unfortunately the jab does NOT prevent Man-'flu, which as we all know can only be cured by copious draughts of Carlsberg lager, and a subscription to SKY sports channel!

Yours achingly ... Moffy x


I always have a flu jab. I worked in the care sector so regularly had one. Now I am retired but under 65, I pay for one at the supermarket. Each year the serum changes, as it's done on the knowns viruses. This year when I had it I felt okay. Some years you feel a little off for a day or tow, but it's worth the price not to get full blown flu. I will keep on having it, should soon get it free for the doctors.


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