flu jab

normally get flu jab and ok .This year have felt dreadful and now into 5th day. Ache all over and eyes so heavy. Was wondering if my stay in hospital a month ago had anything to do with it as was pumped with mas doses of antibiotics bothintravenously and orally for very bad bowel infection . Wish I had never bothered with it this year. Anyone else feeling rough after flu jab?


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  • I had the flu jab for the first time in years and must admit I don't feel great, not like I have flu just more out of sorts than usual. Hope you feel better soon xx

  • My OH had it last year and was quite ill, he had two doses of flu afterwards, so he didn't go this year.

  • After having the jab for years with no problem i had a massive flare 24hrs after my jab 5 yrs ago. It took 18 mths to 2yrs to settle down and never did get back to normal.

    I dont know that it was the jab that caused it but i have been too scared to risk having it since.

    I wish i wasnt scared, i know just how ill i would be if i did catch flu, My Gps have made sure of that.

    Not much of a choice. Do i have the jab and risk months of agony, unable to even turn over in bed. Or do i risk getting the flu and end up in ICU. ?

    I am betting on the fact that i seem to be almost immune to colds an flu, I have had one minor cold this year, even when everyone else around me was suffering I remained symptom free.

    But i spend the winter worrying and am glad when flu season is over.

    Fingers crossed. :O

  • I've had the jab for 2 years running with no ill effects.

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I sincerely hope that you feel better soon.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi

    Yes both hubby and I have suffered this year, even with the cough too. We thought it was a coincidence as it has never happened before.

    We have had the jab for the last 10-12 years, when they really started to promote it. We thought anything was better than the dreadful flu we had one year when we both had it at the same time and lived on tinned custard for a week! My husband ended up with a chest and ear infection and me with a chest infection that went on for about six weeks.

    We were really poorly. They say, real flu is if there was a £50 note in the garden and you just cannot get out of bed and go outside to get it.

    I can't say the reaction to the recent jab was in that league but we were ill for about 10 days. It won't put me off next year though.

  • I had mine 2 weeks ago with no ill effects(touch wood) Do hope you feel better soon :) xx

  • I personally have not had the flu injection but my father had it as a relatively fit and healthy, but 65+ senior citizen. He actually suffered quite a reaction but managed to find the funny side by coming up with a name for how he felt, he called it Traumatic Injected Reduced Energy Disorder, T.I.R.E.D for short 😀

  • Hi yea i didt get my flu jab and im ill 3 weeks its been now and also the sickness bug to i feel so ill .im going make shure i get the jab hope you get better soon xx

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