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Flu jab


I was meant to have the flu jab a couple of weeks back and I didn't. I had it last year the day before Christmas Eve and felt so ill. Even putting the pressies round the tree the next day brought me out in a sweat...and I felt fluey all over Christmas which obviously spoilt it a bit with fibro on top. So I'm wondering should I have it? It's so close to my eldest son's birthday...then the following week so close to Christmas. I have Sjögren's as well. So can you let me know your thoughts? Thanks

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Hello Lins- can I say to you the flu vaccine is NOT a live vaccine and does not kick in unless you come in contact with the virus, I do hear many people blame a winter bug on the jab but it isn,t the culprit. I too have sjorgrens but I still have the jab when its offered (I,m not 65 yet so I don't always get the offer) I,ve never been offered anything for sjorgens and so have tried and tested various mouthwashes to keep moisture and I have found Pronamel with an oily base very helpful. for eye lids and other areas I use DOUBLEBASE cream (not diprobase) which you can use anywhere safely and that has been good for too. I have had a very sore & cracked tongue for a while and recently been told I am B12 and folic acid deficient so hoping the 2 sort me out soon..

I'm not 65 but I get get the offer because I take steroids...thanks for the tips re the dryness with Sjögren's....I just find it strange that I got the flu 24 hours later after the jab...it seems that ppl are for the flu jab or very much against it xx

Hi Lins....Sorry you are in a quandary....I had flu jab 2 weeks ago and no side effects....is it too late to have the jab after Christmas? Sorry I cannot help more......xx

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I guess it isn't too late then. Thanks xx

Hi there

Unfortunately it's one of those things that you wont know unless you try it.

I had the jab a couple of years ago and that year I had the 'flu so badly I couldn't stand up and was in a dreadful state.

Due to my other illnesses I am offered the flu jab every year but I choose not to have it.

It's very much one of those things that only you can decide.

Obviously it's a slightly different strain every year and I have read quite a few of our members have felt quite poorly afterwards this year.

Good luck with whatever you choose to do.

Lu xx

It is something only you can decide on as its your body. I keep getting offered the flu jab because I have various illnesses but I choose not to have it. I had it 2 years running and the first year I had really bad flu and last year I had a pain in my arm at site of injection for 6 months and felt really unwell but not with flu.

hugs Joolz.x

Hi Lins345 my friend,

It is a tough one as I have mine every year and only once ever had a reaction to it and this was about 10 years ago. However, every year on here I have read that members have had quite severe reactions to it. I personally think at the end of the day it is best to have that jab than to get the flu especially if you have breathing issues or are vulnerable or elderly.

I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you


Thanks Ken. Probably best just after my son's birthday. I believe that some of the chemists are doing the flu jab for free. I've heard that Boots is one. I guess if you're under 65 you have to take some sort of proof of illness...in my case my steroid warning card. I hope you are as well as can be expected xx

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Good luck my friend x

Such a dilemma, I have had the flu jab years ago then decided I would not have it anymore due to the ingredients in it particularly mercury. Six weeks ago I contracted the flu and felt really ill and had a difficult time as I live alone. I am in a quandary as to have it next year or not. I am still inclined not but agree the effects of flu when you are older can be devastating, I was lucky this time and have now recovered. It really is pot luck as far as I am concerned.

I know I qualify due to steroids.....first couple of years was ok. But last year was awful. These jabs come out in October and you can have them from then on, so I'm not sure if I've left it too late..or it's a bit late having it in Decembet anyway

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