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Miaxial...anyone used it?

Hi all,

has anyone heard of/used Miaxial for fibro. It was advertised in an independant health shop and is targeted at those with fibro, as per window poster, he said those who have used it have had good results. (but then he would say that!!) "It's a suppliment to target muscoskeletal health, fatigue and stress" It's got 5HTP, magnesium, glucosamine sulphate, chondroitin and malic acid in it. Am always a little sceptic about things that are supposed to help as soo many are rubbish , but this actually looks reasonable. x

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I am just about to start taking glucosamine and chondroitin supplement got them today for my arthritis .. If they do any good I might try miaxial as its got the two I am about to try with a few extras

Thanks for that



Hi VG,

you're welcome.

Yes was thinking the same here, am using glucosamine (on docs advice), magnesium and chondroitin. A fiend who works in Holland and Barrett said they recommend 5HTP for fibro. IMiaxial's about £21 a month, but i'm thinking if i add up what i already spend, and the fact that these are selected to work together, might be a good idea before winter sets in. Will check the internet for better prices...or ask H&B to stock it as i can get 25% discount via friend lol

Anything that can help with fibro is a bonus

Take care

Jan x


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