Does anyone have a diagnosis of ankylosing spondylitis?

I'm wondering if I should ask to have that investigated as my disgnosis has not been officially confirmed as yet, and my symptoms sound exactly like that, although I do have other issues too, which are indeed like fibro. I guess it's possible to have both, but I'm afraid to suggest other things it could be as in the past I've been fobbed off with "it's just the fibro", or "it's just one of those things and you have to learn to live with it," without investigations being done.

Does anybody here have a diagnosis of both?

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  • Hi ukwahine I went to see a consultant 18 years ago he did numerous tests ant told me I had fibromaligia 10 years ago I had MRI scan and was diagnosed with Spondylosis and whatever medication I take nothing helps the pain. Take care. X

  • Hi there I was diagnosed with.spondylitis when I had a scan just before my fibro diagnosis. Why do all the word have to be so hard to spell when i am having problems splling my name ? lol sur

  • I was diagnosed in 1982 with spondylosis, but that is different to anklosing spond. Then as someone, else mentioned, there is spondylitis, all very confusing, isn't it. Also have fibro, diag, last year

  • Hi ukwahine

    I do not have anything like this. However, I just wanted to offer some moral support and wish you well in finding some answers to your questions.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • hi I'm new but I saw your question and yes I have it. It just means arthritis of the spine. They can usually see this in a ct scan or mri. I'm not sure about an x-ray. And I also have fibromyalgia I was diagnoised when I was 19 from a nuerologist and ruemotologist who I still see and believe me it gets worst with age . I tried lyrica med and it made me very sick. well good luck I hope I was of some help kat

  • I think you are incorrect, spondylosis is arthritis of spine, but ankylosing spondylosis is an arthritis whereby the bones actually fuse together....

  • hi arthritis of the spine just means inflamation of the spine. and this causes inflamation of a lot of joints. there is so much that goes on with this. And your right one part I read is the bones will fuse together. Personaly I have a lot of things wrong with me and this is one of those problems I put on the back burner kat

  • Thanks to you all for your replies. Tried to get an appointment with my gp this morning, but she has the day off so I'll try again next week. Painkillers don't help at all, but then I've only got ibuprofen and paracetamol. I was given co-codamol a while back but I can't use that as it makes my diverticular disease flare up. If it's not one thing it's another! Have been suffering badly with my back lately...all my life really, but much worse just lately. I'm wondering if I've done some damage by "clicking" it into place. My neck and back are in almost constant agony, I really hope I can get to the bottom of this. Thanks so much for your input and support.

  • The simple answer is yes, I have AS and fibromyalgia, and scoliosis etc.....One DX does not preclude another, Im afraid

    Gentle hugs☺☺

  • Please be careful when discussing the different types of arthritis as there are many, but they fall into three main groups.

    I hope it is ok to add arthritis care's website

  • I just got my diagnoses after being in pain since 17, I'm now 25. If u have concerns push for an MRI scan, it's the only form of diagnoses in its early stages before wear has occurred. Hope ur ok x

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