Anyone used Duloxetine?

Went to the Dr today and he sent me for lots of blood tests to rule out certain things as I have been struggling for the last six months or so. I also asked for a Vitamin D Deficiency test (symptoms similar to Fibro) and I will get the results of that test in 2 weeks. He said he would like me to try Duloxetine as the Fibro specialist has found it can help Fibro. Have any of you heard of it or are currently using it. It's quite new I think. Thanks x

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  • its not licenced for fibro but it is used for it, Ive been on it for a while now but Im afraid it doesnt work for me, Im on 60mg twice a day, and gabpetin 3600, baclofen 40mg and co codemol, but nothing has worked yet

  • Thanks lally. I have tried several meds over the years and nothing has really worked for me. I understand Duloxetine is used for depression and diabectic neuropathic pain and as you say not licenced for fibro. Oh well, I'll give it a shot and see how I get on!

  • I really hope it works for you, Im not to good when it comes to meds, Im either allergic or they dont work

  • Hello

    I believe it is expensive, I have been on it for about

    Two years, does it help? Don't know does anything help

    Don't know whatnI would be like without it

    Give it a try you can allways come off it

  • I agree with you - does anything help? Not yet for me! Thanks for answering x

  • i take it and it sends me to sleep, i saw my gp today and he wants me to start taking it everyday now along with my mix of other drugs. Its onw of the few that i'm not allergic to

    hugs poppy xx

  • I don't need anything else that will send me to sleep as I am sleepy enough already lol! I am getting desperate so I am hoping they will work, thank you, fairy hugs x

  • I have not tried anything other than pain meds but this medication is on the list of meds my consultant has asked my GP to try. Think I will prob trial Gapentin first. Goood luck with it hope it brings some relief for you.

  • Thanks Kasha hope you find some decent pain relief too x

  • it is now licensed for fibro along with pregablin. I've been on it for a while and I don't know if there is any improvement lol...

  • Oh, I want someone to say yes its great and they feel normal again lol. If only hey! Thanks for answering x

  • if only, I keep hoping :)

  • I've only managed to take one of it and never felt so awful in my life. In my case I didn't even know the bottom half of my body was still connected to me - couldn't wee or anything. I was supposed to pick my kids up from school but couldn't even see the car let alone the road !!! Have to laugh though or you'd cry. Might just be me with the knackered body. Hope it works for you - I've still not managed to find anything that helps. Morphine patches sent me to sleep but didn't touch the pain. Hope you feel better soon. xx

  • Oh no how awful for you. My body is pretty knackered too I must say! I need to wee and pick my son up from school too lol!! Thanks for that and will bear all this in mind. Fairy hugs x

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