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dont know if i am more angry or upset today this day should have been special as it was my daughters first day at school (she is my youngest of 3) and wouldnt you just know it mr fibro has decided he wants to party today so i didnt even get to see her off properly i couldnt take her as hubbie was faced with having to chose which one of us he had to help get up so as it should be he got her ready but was then running late so didnt get to get me out of bed in time and then felt bad because i was upset i'm sick of this illness ruining everyones life that comes into contact with me i just want my life back so i can be a mum and wife instead of being a burden

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Oh bless you Sleepy! Unfortunately Fibro tends to put a spanner in the works when we least expect it. You were probably justifiably a bit nervous for your youngest daughter. I remember how I was with my youngest son, it was far worse for me than with my first, my baby was starting school syndrome!

Don't blame yourself though my dear, it wasn't your fault at all and thankfully hubby could take over. Whether it was Mummy or Daddy it didn't matter as far as your little girl was concerned, so don't worry.

Fibro is harder to bear when you have a young family, extra burdens and pressure etc. I know how you feel when you say you want your life back, we all feel the same. I am sure your hubby and children don't think of you as a burden, I am sure you do your absolute best for all of them.

I am sure you gave your little girl a big hug and asked her about her day at the end of her day, that's what matters as far as she's concerned. You sound like a lovely Mum! :)


That must have been very difficult for you ~ it IS such a cruel illness.

I know exactly what mean about ruining everyone's life that comes into contact with the sufferer as I feel exactly the same. I am fortunate that I have a loving and stable family but have to say (to my shame) that I've almost tried to drive my husband away over the last 2 years. We have been married for 33 years now but I've had a variety of illnesses, including a grade 4 breast cancer from which I was only given a 1-2% chance of living (but THAT was now 11 years ago :-) !!) Before that I had severe gynae problems, many miscarriages & lots of years of pain and awfulness, which ended eventually in many hours of emergency surgery where they battled to save my life. I then spent 4 months in Critical Care... All this with my poor husband fighting to keep our 3 boys fed, clean & to school with a house AND a busy, demanding full time job. THEN visiting me... ... ... Good friends rallied round but it must have been extremely hard.

These days my Fibro has been the straw that has broken the camel's back and I feel so often that he would be so much better off without me, I'm just a drain... I adore my 3 boys (now men) and also my husband but it is that burden aspect that you speak of... Yep, it's really gets to you and it is so extremely hard to endure.

Then you get a good day - or a better one at least - and the sun comes out a little. You enjoy something small, something that many others take for granted but for you it's an achievement and this lifts you up a bit and on you go... ... ...

Well, I'm not going to re-read this otherwise I won't send it!! I've never told anyone else this but I thought I'd share it as sometimes it's good not to feel alone with a problem and I wanted to let you know that you aren't!!!!

Hoping you feel better soon. I'm sure your daughter will come home and tell you about her day without questioning the whys and wherefores of the situation - children just accept things, which is a good thing. :-)

Gentle hugs & wishes of wellness :-)


she went off knowing she is loved and I bet the welcome home was special. hope you feel better tomorrow.

regards, sandra.


Hi there i would not worry as daddy helped out, there is no Diary or routine of fibro we have to take as comes and as long as there is help to

Support in what ever way possible you have to look positively best you can.

My poor 11 yr old walked home in such heavy rain yesterday as i was laid up not able to drive!

We are having to car share so hubby had my car, i felt so bad but in a way had to think more brighter as she young and when i do have car she never wants a lift home! But the fact i did not have car she was on phone all way home saying how she wished i was collecting her.

I would not worry your girl be fine and understand xxx

Non of us want to be laid up at all but at times what choice do we have , howver stong we think we are xxxx


Your husband is with you because he chooses to be. He could walk away but clearly he loves you and your family and chooses to stay. I think the 'In sickness and in health' bit gets tested when living with anybody with a chronic condition. Let's celebrate that we are lucky enough to have OH's who stick by us through the thick and thin. Sleepy2, Your daughter is also lucky to have a mum who cares about her so much. It is your love that she values, don't make yourself feel worse by carrying unnecessary guilt around too. I hope that you feel better tomorrow and remember that there is more to you than this wretched illness that we all share. Take care. Jane x



You may have Fibro, BUT it doesn't have you.

Hope you managed to take it easy today abd that tomorrow will be a better day

((((( gentle hugs )))))

NanNan Julie xx


Morning I hope today he gets you up first! Have a gentle day try not to get too wound up that aggravates everything!

gentle hugs to you xgins


Thinking of you today ~ and hoping it's a brighter one all round. :-) xx


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