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just need to have a rant and also say ty xx

hi everyone just wanted to say tyvm for all your replys and support and to tell yous i am going to appeal, dont know if it will make much difference or not but dont see why i should let them win, a friend of mine was telling me that a girl i used to go to school with is on the high rate of dla for life cause she is an alcaholic, nothing else wrong with her just this, i know there is ppl out there that need and deserve to have dla, but ppl like her choose her way of life we didnt choose to have an illness or disability, sorry if this sounds bad but what annoys me even more is her family is loaded and can give her all the help she needs it makes me so angry that nearly everyone on here is fighting for some sort of help yet they just hand it out to ppl that dont need or deserve it, after all she is just going to use the money for more drink, were asking for help to make our lifes livable and help us have a life, sorry for the rant just had to get this off my chest, ty everyone xx

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Hello there Sparkydawl! It's fine to get it off your chest, we all understand the problems you are facing. We are all in the same boat after all. Yes we all seem to be fighting in one way or another don't we. I applaud you for appealing, and I genuinely wish you the very best of luck, I hope it all goes your way. Please let us know how you get on. Take care and keep up the fighting spirit! :) :) (Take a look at the tags as there is lots of info on benefits and appeals etc)


tyvm libby ll have a look at the tags might get some good info from them and thank u for your help and support, its very much appreciated xx


My pleasure Sparkydawl - we will all be interested to hear how you get along. Look after yourself in the process though! :) :)



i understand its like they are getting rewarded for something they inflicy on themselves

chronic fatigue has destroyed my life

awaiting descsion for DLA but im working full time managing on small wage

this system sucks


Hi aimeesmum I hope you get it, ill keep my fingers crossed for you, that is exactly what I meant, we live with an illness and get no help, yet they inflict it upon themselves and get money threw at them. Soft hugs x


i will appeal if i dont get it though

when i say im unwell to ppl they says whats up

\then i says chronic fatigue

i just hate some of the reactions i get like you are imagining this etc

i just hope i get better soon

im still under occ therapist at hosp

which i could take a pill and better


Hi sparkydawl,

Great to get things off your chest and everyone here understands.

Good decision, don't let them get away with it. if you don't give it a go you'll never know, at the worst they can say is no.

I had a medical 3 weeks ago now and am awaiting the brown envelope of despair!!! i'm well prepared to fight for for an appeal...been there once before. time and patience in abundance here.

If we don't fight on they win every time, all the appeals should tell them what a stupid farcical system we have to go through.

Good luck and keep as posted

Cheers and take care

Jan H xx


ty jan im deffo going ahead with it after talking to my doctor today, im still waiting my appeal for my esa so i know how u feel lol, its terrible the way we are being treated, i hope u get good news when ur brown envelope comes through.

love and hugs x


Hi sparkydawl,

well good for you, go for it, you've got nothing to lose and possibly a lot to gain. It is terrible the way we're treated,they really don't seem to care, and how they can get what we say and what is put on the report form soooooo wrong amazes me.

hope all goes well for you.

Love and hugs to you,

Jan xx


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