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ooouuuchy ! oouuuchy !

hurt a lot today ,didnt help with some silly man(my next door neighbour) lighting a bonfire at 5am this morning ! my bedroom window was open so it was such a stench i got up ,

as the morning has gone on i hurt more and more ,had to take my pain meds really early ,normally try to take them later so they last the day ,at this rate i will be with out pain meds by early afternoon ,its the summer solstice today ,longest day ,typical lol ,

got to take mum up rheamy today ,she says that i should point out my rheamy doc so she can kick her in the shins lol !!! my mums sixty one and has a weelie walker lol ,just imagining it in my head makes me laugh ,!!!

hope everyone has a good day :-D hugs xxxx

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Sympathetic hugs. I'm in huge pain today too!

I can't believe anyone would start a bonfire at that time - don't they have sleeping to do? It's so inconsiderate - having windows open at this time of year is a normal thing to do; lighting a bonfire in the early hours isn't! Maybe he was trying to dispose of evidence from some criminal activity - I reckon you should get the police out to sift the ashes - LOL


maybei should ,cause the bonfire wasnt the only thing i could smell ,he was smoking wacky backy at 5am ! what a lovely breakfast he was having !

hugs to you too i hope your pain improves hugs xxx


oh my god I have a mad phantom bonfire lighter where i live . lol usually lights bonfires on lovely sunny days when everyone has their washings out to dry! 5am beats that- mad! Having a bad day too , but laughing at what your mum said. xxx


yes it is a bit beyond the joke isnt it ,we didnt see my rheamy doc so my mum couldnt get her lol xxx


Aww lynz, heres a big gentle hug hun. :)

Yes your mam should kick her shins, the horrible woman. :P

Hope you get better through the day hun,

hugs and love, kel xxxxx


thanks kel ,hugs to you too :) xxxx


Hi Lynz. It is actually ILLEGAL to burn stuff in your garden, at any time. I know coz I looked it up when my neighbour lit one the other week and it was still burning (well, smoking) 2 days later. They can be fined up to £2000. Some people are so thoughtless and inconsiderate, arent they?


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