Fibro fog is definitely out there and probably coming to a sufferer near you soon.!!! SORRY

Today is a good day - so far!!!!!!! As I can actually remember my grandchildrens names!!!

I've found it's all about finding coping strategies that work for 'you!!!!' I write copious notes and reminders to my self. It must irritate the life out of my 30 year long suffering beautiful husband. But he never says anything that might upset me as he knows just how frustrated and angry I used to get before the notes.

Long live post it's!!!!!!!!

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  • Thanks for the like.

  • Glad you liked it. But o how true. Fibro fog is vile!!!

  • Hi

    That made me smile. My husband is more forgetful than I am (without fibro!). I write notes and list for both of us lol. I feel sorry for him having to rely on my memory 😁 X

  • Hello everyone, 2 days ago I invited my friend for coffee, I bought a new tin as we are not really coffee drinkers. We walked into the kitchen and I took the coffee out of the shopping. After the kettle boiled it took us both 10 minutes to locate what I had done with the tin! It was on the floor behind the rest of the shopping; how hard can it be to get the coffee from the shopping to the kettle?? They were within feet of each other. I start something, then notice something else and go off to do that. I often go to bed and wonder why half the contents of my wardrobe are now on the bed. I must have had a plan at sometime during the day.

    I now carry a notebook in my handbag to write down anything I promise to anyone else. It might take a while to remember to look in the book, but at least it is not lost in the ether like most of my ideas.

    I have a calendar set up in my phone so dates and activities go in straight away and it reminds me ahead of time so I have a chance of getting there.

    One plus is that I do a lot of shopping online; I never remember what it is that I have ordered so even when it is only composting bags for the food waste every delivery is like Christmas!!

  • My husband just reminded me of this one. He came downstairs to find me just about to poach my Android phone!!! Luckily he saved the day yet again lol. This is just another incident in a very long line!!!! the dreaded 'Fibro Fog' strikes again!!!!!!!!

  • Lucky you to have an understanding husband. I have been having a really bad flare up for 2 weeks and don't think he has noticed yet.

  • I'm so sorry your other half is not as supportive as he should be. I know how lucky I am.

    If you ever want to talk I'll listen. X

  • I'm a lot like that. When I'm trying to do something my PA or work collegues find themselves reminding me what I was doing 20 times a day!!

  • Thank you all for your replys. They ae most appreciated. X

  • I am right there with u glad I have a wonderful husband too that is understanding and kind spoken when I can't even remember his name. Poor man he just laughs and takes it in stride. :)

  • I'm the same, have to write notes, alerts on my I pad, just find it so frustrating but have got great hubby to keep reminding me , sense of humour also helps 😀

  • I always use a diary as I know I will forget what I am supposed to be doing or where I should be?

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