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nice day with friends = pain next day well tough to fibro

well i had a lovely day yesterday with my friend her two kids and my little monster we didnt do much just went to the park then back to hers for lunch i was in pain but

had a great time and tried to forget the pain as much as i could then i came home and had a great night with the hubby the result this morning well im paying for

having fun what is the ******* point this illness just doesnt want you to have fun or a nice time well im he to tell it tough **** im going out again today in pain or not i am

NOT loosing my friends for you so give me pain i will battle through it to have a life even if i do want to cry.

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go you !!!! i think we have to be like that or we would never have fun :)

gentle hugs xxx


Hope your pain eases soon

Hugs Rubberman


you go for it we have too yes we know ther will be pain the next day but we have got to do things we cant jus sit in a corner and curl up not every day anyway good for you love diddle x


It's great to hear someone getting gutsy with this illness. I woke up today with the same as you because I had a good day yesterday. But I've decided, like u, as much as I have the label of fibro, it's my life and not it's.

You go for it, positive posts make so much of a difference not only to you, but those that read it.

Thank you for the inspiration. Xx


Well done Sarah, certainly do not want to swap your friends for fibro!!. I have a friend with 4 year old triplets, 2 with special needs, but when I see them I can forget all about me for those few hours. The pain is there anyway so may as well enjoy at least some of your time.

Hope your feeling better now xx


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