Monday morning blues

Just want to get some stuff off my chest. On Friday night some idiot put some graffiti on my front wall. It's nothing nasty just a heart shape then the letter U it's going up all over my town but mainly in places the council has to clean.i just called them and they won't help me as the wall is my responsibility. I explained I was disabled and couldn't physically do it myself but he still couldn't do it. Sigh. Why should I have to pay to get it removed?? I've told the police as well. The council guy said to leave it there for now as they know who this guy is but it's a case of catching him. He said if I get rid of it he just comes back and puts it back there again.:( it's not anything nasty but it's still there and is so obvious. Why did he have to pick my house? It's really upset me.

Also my daughter was doing a as level resit on Friday and some idiot let the fire alarm off in the middle of the exam. They have to sit there for 15 minutes with this alarm going off which was deafening they were not allowed to keep writing. My daughter said everything went out of her head and totally lost her train of thought and then they gave them to some extra time to finish but didn't make it clear when the exam was finishing so she didn't finish in time. This exam was so important to her,she worked so hard for it and some idiot goes and blows it for her. Then I get the graffiti the same night.

I'm not a happy bunny.

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  • Coming round with bucket of soapy water and scrubbing brush - and soothing cup of tea! :D

    Moffy x

  • But she is still naked :o

  • Well, I put everything in the laundry - hey, Teddysmum, lend me a top and leggings, and I'll do all your housework while I'm here! :D

    Moffy x

  • :)

  • Don't these people make you sick, they just don't THINK how upsetting something like this is to someone especially if they are ill or disabled, we've had the same sort of trouble only on a building near us, i've asked the people who occupy this place to remove it but it's like talking to the wall, it's paint so won't wash off so it's going to have to be re painted, Grr :-(

  • Thanks for understanding Jessam I haven't found it funny at all. It's been done by spray paint so doubt any scrubbing will get rid of it off of a brick wall.

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