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Wow! Amazed with my new purchase!

I decided to invest in a tens machine to see if it would be any help. Didn't want to spend a lot incase it didn't work so found one on ebay for under £6. It arrived this morning and I thought it was just a basic tens but it does loads of things! It has the sticky pads like a tens machine but has 8 different fuctions - accupuncture, massage, stroke,cupping, manipluation, scrapping, weight reduction and immunotherapy (not sure what that one is!) You can set it to different intesities and for 5, 10 or 15 mins. It feels very weird at first but has actually helped! I have only used it on my back up to now on the massage and cupping function and it is so relaxing. Pain wise I think bevause it is relaxing me the pain doesn't feel as bad. I would throughly recommend it even if just for relaxation!


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What a bargain - well done - I could use one for my back and buttocks right now ;-)

Julie xx


tesco are selling them at mo mine cost 20 they are selling same on for 5 they are really good xx



I also bought one last week, havta say it takes a bit of gettin used too, the intensity can be almost painful. Id recommend using the weakest setting and gradually progress up. Ive only used it a few times but def think that it will given time help ease my aches & pains.

:-) Dixie


I've had one for years. It really helps with my back spasms, but gets irritating after a few hours. My mum gave me her circulation booster, it's like a foot tens thing (well explained....not!) that helps with my restless legs, but you have to have the frequency high to make your legs twitch. not very pleasant, but seems to work.

On the downside, a chiropractor told me not to use them as they disrupt the normal electrical impulses in your spinal cord! ho hum, help something, hinder something else!

Seems the old saying "You pays your money & takes your choice!" fits here! xx


physos think they are good for fybro x x


I really loving it at the moment! I put it on the accupuncutre setting last night for 10 mins and I was asleep before it had even finished! I used it on my hips last night and I just find it so reaxing! I have it on now and I'm struggling to keeps my eyes open with it! I still woke up with pain this morning but I don't think I expected it to Cure the pain as such but it defo takes it away for a bit. I've only managed to go up to the 2nd intensity up 2 now as it can me more painful than relaxing any higher while I am getting used to it! X


Please be aware that tens is not safe if you have epilepsy and with used with caution if you used to have it. I was not aware of this until I was told by a physio a few years ago xx


Thank you for the warning. I don't have epilepsy but my step dad does and he did want to try it so now I know not to let him



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