My new tens machine

Hi all. Thought I would come on here and read posts/reply, as I can't sleep...again!

I recently bought myself a tens machine from Lloyds chemist. It was only a cheap one in the sale, but my physio said not to pay too much for one, as they don't work for everyone. I have used it on my lower back and leg, and I must say, that it gave me some relief.

I had a nerve block procedure done only a few months ago, and sadly it has not worked. Then to top it all off, my back went a few days ago, which has led to sciatic pain down my leg. It's one thing after the other with me, and it's taking its toll on me, mentally and physically.

I have my mental health assessment in the morning, so all wish me luck! I know I'm going to break down there.

At least I have my outlet on here now, to say how I feel, etc. It's not always easy to talk to your nearest and dearest.

Night, night all. My eyes are tired now! Hugs all. xxx

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  • Hi Cloudgirl41

    I am so genuinely delighted to read that you have found some relief with you new TENS Machine, and I want to sincerely wish you continued success with this. I am genuinely sorry to read that your procedure did not work for you though.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Just use it as prescribed and enjoy the moments you get a small relief. I work at a place that I have access to this too. For some strange reason it took until now to realize and start using this modality myself. I think it's very beneficial to bring blood supply back to the area and break up spasms in the muscles. Check to see duration & frequency though! Hope you find peace 🙂

  • Hi, hopefully your in the land of nod now! If nothing else the tens machines cause a distraction from the pain. Personally anything that stimulates the nerves has got to be a good thing as that's where our problem lays.

    Best wishes

    Patrick x

  • I would rather not have my nerves stimulated thanks Hartleyhare2 :P

    They are simulated enough. The slightest touch sends sends shock waves through my body and a TENS machine is sheer torture, even on the lowest setting.

    Ill stick with my hot baths. :P :P :P

  • Fair enough we are all different! I must admit I wished I liked long baths but find it difficult to stay still for so long plus getting out can be a problem. Enjoy your soaks!

  • Good luck today - yes I find my tens machine helps x

  • I find my tens invaluable for pain. It works partly by blocking the pain signals getting to the brain and partly by stimulating the area with a kind of massage. I initially though it wasn't working for me but now I couldn't do without mine.


  • Good luck on your mental health assessment.

    Done it myself and was given a diagnosis of fibro fog.

    Sue :)

  • Like you Cloudgirl41 I have recently started using a TENS machine, and luckily for me it works. Just to have a pain-free hour is wonderful and it lasts for a bit after it's switched off. There seems to be no one thing that relieves the pain but a number of things along with medication can make it more bearable.

    Good wishes for your assessment today. Anna xx

  • I have been using a TENS machine for the last 20 years I find it very helpful. I had it on my shoulder before bed last night. I wish you luck with yours. Like the doctor says not everything works for everyone no matter what it is.


  • Good luck with your mental assessment hope it all goes well. Glad the Tens is giving you some relief if it reeally works for you you can always get a more powerful one with more choice of modes etc but the LLoyds is a good basic model I ahd one for years until it unfortunately broke.x

  • Hi I'm sorry to hear about all the pain that you're in, year's ago i had a slipped disc and sciatica my physio advised acupuncture and it really helped, i also suffer from cervical spondolosis and i tried acupuncture for that but it didn't help, it's a case of trial and error, i hope you find something to help you soon gentle hugs rosie xx

  • HI, So glad the tens machine works for you. My daughter has bought one and she says it helps her. She has fibro as well, I thought I would give it a go, but like may rose 54 I thought I was being tortured as I got an electric shock all over, that was on the lowest setting lol. I can laugh about it now but at the time it was painful. We are all different. Good luck x

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