Pain Clinic Review - Any suggestions I can make for new pain relief?

I have an appointment with the pain clinic tomorrow (Anesthetist) and was wondering if anyone has any other suggestions of pain relief that I could try. Here is what I have tried in the past -


Tramadol & Slow Release


Cortisone & Steroid Injections

Pain Management Course





TENS Machine


I am currently taking ...


Cocodomol 30/500mg


Severdol when needed


Does anyone have any other medication/therapies that I could try//suggest?

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  • Tai Chi can be helpful. It is very calming and so gentle on the body. Just the breathing warm up can help. I also use meditation.

    Sounds like you have tried most things.



  • Thanks Jilly - I have tried meditation a few times, but I think I need to try it a while longer before I feel any benefits. I'll have a look into Tai Chi, sounds interesting :)

    C xx

  • I found that the meditation does take practice but it is worth it. I know some people use the guided meditation CDs to get they started. There are a few that have short 15 minute guided meditations which make an easy start to it. You can also download some off the internet for free...just have a google.

    Tai Chi I found helpful because it is so calming, slow and no stress on the body.



  • That sounds good, I'll have a look into it, thanks! C xx

  • Hi there the only thing I can think of as a suggestion would be some therapeutic massage. I wouldn't want to give you suggestions on specific medications as your pain management team will be more up to speed but mostly because what works for one person doesn't necessarily do the same for another.

    Hope all goes well for you :-) let us know how you get on.

    Foggy x

  • Thanks for your message Foggy! My appointment wasn't too bad, they have suggested that I increase the pregablin & duluotine too so will see how that goes. They also mentioned a pain management course too xx

  • Oh good, so at least you have come away feeling that something has been achieved :-) The pain management courses can be very helpful, so if you decide to go for it, good luck :-) Hope things improve really soon

    Foggy x

  • h icharlie_red , i tried all of them that u did, but nothing relief the pain.i am still in bad pain.

    take care darling.

  • Hello, aw that's a shame, sorry you are still in so much pain. I'm still in a lot of pain as well, they pain clinic suggested increasing the duluotine & pregablin so will see how it goes! Do you attend the pain clinic?

    C xx

  • yes i did ,but Steroid Injections worked just for few months, best wishes

  • Me too, tried almost everything and new meds, yet no relief. In constant pain 24/7 so now GP has given me morphine pain patches. Have you tried them, I had to almost beg. It's only my 2nd day so not sure if they are going to work yet. But it's worth asking GP for a trial. They come in different strengths too.

    Hugs to you from me who is in terrible pain ALL the time.


  • Hi I don't think I have quite as bad pain as some of you as I have only had my doctor say he thinks fibro as blood test have come back normal and X-ray s . But do have wide spread pain, also depression my doctor had me go to adalt mental health clinic for depression where I have tried every antidepressant there is and still feel depressed , the neck pain as always seemed to part of the depression then a year or so ago I stared to get back , hip, knees, feet pain and stiffness in the morning, so the doctor started me on https Gabapentin I take 3x300mg 3times aday plus co codamole plus diazepam which I have been taken since the depression stared 10 years ago the current antidepressant I take is Sterling may of spelt that wrong my pain is under control just stiffness pain sometimes more than anything so the Gabapentin has seemed to work for me so much that I was thinking of coming off them but because of a flair up of depression I have more pain on some days so changed my mind . I am currently off sick because of stress, poor concentration ,depression , due to go back Friday the stress is partly different family issue s my dad health my 3 grown up kids 27 year old boy with learning difficulties who lives in supported housing but take a lot of my time up ever round there or on the phone my daughter 25 at home gets jealous of the time spent with my oldest son she has just passed her driving test and has a boyfriend in Southampton that seems to becoming serious so I think she mite move out soon and I have a problem with the letting go think I also have a son at home who is 19,20 in October he is quite supportive and he to helps his brother and is just starting to learn to drive but I am a bit over protective every one says and maybe I do text them a lot when they are not at home .work is another stress they keep picking me up on small things that every one does and keeps telling me next time they will have to disaplin me this is on double scans on the checkout it feels as if they are trying to find away of getting me out , because last time about six months ago it was they had cousomer complaints about me it stressed me out and was off sick whent back and every thing was fine until now sorry about going on but feeling very down at the moment best wishes Cherokee x

  • Just wanted to say Cherokee, that to the best of my knowledge Fibro doesn't show up in blood tests, I may well be wrong and stand to be corrected. It does sound like Fibro to me and I think you wouldn't be on the meds you are if they thought just "might" have Fibro in my own humble opinion !!

    Foggy x

  • You are right Foggy, fybro does't show in blood tests

  • Thanks jess, hoped I'd got my facts right for a change ;-)

    Foggy x

  • Sorry to hear you are suffering so much. See if you can up your Duloxetine my anaesthetist suggested 120 once a day made quite a difference. Nothing ever completely takes pain away but learning to manage it helps. So many of us have been juggling for so long and I see no end to that :) xgins

  • Hello! Thanks for your message :) .. My anaesthetist suggested that I increase the duluoxtine because I'm only taking 40mg just now & also pregablin because I'm only taking 100mg 3 times a day! I'm still trying to manage my pain levels, especially with pacing etc :(

    C xx

  • Have you ever tried versatis lidocaine patches or capsaicin cream for neuropathic type pains?

  • Hello Marky,

    I asked my anethetist about the lidocaine infusion, but he said because the steroid & anesthetic injections never worked he didn't feel that it would be worth trying! What is capsaicin cream? My skin is really sensitive & I have excema too! I use tiger balm which seems to be okay and helps a little, seems to numb the pain.

    C x

  • Have you tried mst?

  • What is mst?

    C x

  • Mst is a slow release morphine tablet taken twice a day

  • Thanks! I was on them for a short period of time as GP & pain clinic did not think they were suitable for someone my age :(

  • I have found butrans useful,just change once a week,also on nortriptyline and pregabalin.butrans means u don't have to think about ur pain relief,I started on5 and now I'm on 20.maximum is 30.i hope u get some relief from ur pain x

  • Hello Silki,

    I had suggested butran patches at my last meeting with them, however they were not too keen as I'm only 23 and didn't want me using such a strong painkiller. I'm currently taking pregablin & they are going to increase the dose to see if that helps.

    C x

  • Hi Charlie,you r so young to have fibro and pain,I don't think the butrans is much stronger than the tram adobo,if u start on 5.i hope upping the pregabalin helps 52 and used to be a practice nurse,I got really ill August 2010 and have not worked since,eventually I have been given ill health retirement pension after a long fight. I hope u start to feel better,be kind to yourself ,silki

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