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Just got back from my holiday

I've had a lovely break in Dorset with my wonderful boyfriend Dave. He looked after me so well :-)

I hired a motorbility scooter - wonderful.

We went into Weymouth ... which was so quiet!!!!!

Visited the Tank Museum TWICE - loved it but couldn't see it all in one visit.

Went to lots of places due to scooter :-)

BUT come back with a huge great abccess on my bum - yep I know ... TMI! So off to doctors for antibiotics on Monday!!!

Julie xx

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Hi Julie.

So happy that you had a good holiday. The memories will lift you for a good while.

Sorry about the absecc :( Good luch Monday X


hi so glad you had a lovely time now back to normal lol oh well you have some lovely memories to look back on love to you diddle xx


The holiday sounds ace te bum sounds nasty poor you! I do hope it calms down quickly for you. All the best x gins


Glad you had a great time.done you both good.sorry abt your bum.hope u get it sorted.


Hi Julie , isnt Dorset a wonderful place I am just back from there to been away with my children and thier familys. Stayed near Winbourne.

We had really good weather.was on the beach two days .Pleased you loved the scooter I cant imagin life without mine now. Hope you get on ok at the GPs

Enjoy the day Joy


Hi Julie, my hubby is from weymouth and he was talking to his mum last night and the conversation was about how quiet it was there this year..... We normally don't even consider visiting in the summer holidays due to the horrendous amount of ppl there...maybe they are all on Portland with the Olympic sailing..

Pleased you had a lovely time, those scooters are wonderful machines... X


Hi Julie, this is my first ever post on here, I normally just read them. Just wanted to say Im pleased you had a good time in Dorset, I live in Poole, we moved here about 6 years ago and I love it here. Ive managed one day on the beach so far this year, might gets some more, depends on the weather. x


We went to poole to see the moterbikes and sports cars .. Also bought pair of shoes. Lol you lucky lady were did you move from ..


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