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Just got the letter from DWP

Hello all,

Sorry I've not been on much of late, but been struggling recently with a pretty bad flare up.

However I got the dreaded brown envelope from DWP this morning regarding my ESA. I'm happy to say I got ESA and put into the Support Group, so at least got a little to smile about in amongst this pain.

Hope to be able to join in a little more soon once this flare up passes.


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Well done nice to hear some good news ... Sometimes the DWP surprise us all by getting something right :)

VG x



That is certainly something to smile about :)

You can relax a bit now and hopefully get through this flare quickly as you are dealing with less stress now.

I was also placed in the support group, but strangely, I was never given a time period in any of my letters so I have no idea when I can expect to be assessed again.

Do you mind me asking, have you been given any sort of set period of time, or a date when you can expect to be assessed again?

I don't want to phone or write to them to ask about it, because I'm hoping to keep a low profile and let them forget about me for as long as possible! (I know that's stupid really, because I'm sure they are not that careless when it comes to handing out, or taking away benefits from people!)

Take care,



i was put on esa and was not told there was a time line well there is. i was just put on work related support allowance, because you can only be on esa for 365 days. i am trying to make up my mind weather to fill in claim form to ask if they can loook at my claim again.


Congratulations :O)

Liam Carter

Senior Case Manager

My Benefit Claim


my husband was put in the support group after moving from IB to ESA with no medical ect. there was no length of reward on the letter but did see a very short date at the end of 2 weeks bend of june to beginning of July so phoned to double check what was going on and that was for dates for the first payment and they said it would be for 3 yrs. i am also assuming that as he is getting contribution based and income based so assuming it will go onto contribution based after the yr.


Hello All,

Thank you all for you kind words :).

From what I can gather from the letter they sent me I am getting Contribution based ESA, but it mentions something about I may also be entitled to income - related ESA. I have no idea what that means but I will be calling next week to find out.

At the end of the letter it says they will be paying me from 5th July 2013 to 28th November 2013, again not sure if that means, I will have to go through all this again in November ( I really hope not), but again I will ask when I call next week.

I also want them to send a copy of the report ATOS did at my medical, as they said they couldn't give me a copy until the decision was made. I called them a few times between the medical and getting the letter the other day, so fingers crossed I manage to get it all sorted.

I will of course keep you updated.

Hope today finds you all a little better than yesterday.

Blessings Be

MKMale x


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