Got my new gadget today!! Very excited!!!

Hi Friends,

I just had to share my good (but thoroughly exhausting) day. I got my new car, not new new, but new to me. I have had a hoist fitted in the boot, so it lifts my scooter in and out, with me just pressing a button! My hubby bought it for me, we have been waiting nearly a year for the PIP assessment to all go through, and hopefully get awarded some help with mobility costs and care. But decided we were using up valuable time waiting to get on the mobility scheme, so have sourced it ourselves, even though we can't really afford it! But, I am housebound without it, (my scooter, out and about), and getting more and more have taken the bull by the horns and sorted ourselves. Just wanted to share my good day, even though totally exhausted and had to go rest for most of the afternoon, I rested happy, knowing I will hopefully be able to get out on my good days,even just to see something else besides these four walls!! Hope your day has not been too painful and you have been able to enjoy the good weather. Hugs to all. X

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  • Hi Lizzyear

    That is really exciting! I really like the idea of having a hoist. I genuinely hope that this will give you some freedom and mobility to live and enjoy your life.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Thank you Ken. I hope you and your wife are having as good a day as you both can. x

  • Hi Lizzyear,

    Thats fantastic, being able to get out of the house is a lifesaver isn't it. Anywhere can feel. Like a jail if you cannot escape it. Hope you have lots of adventures in uour new car !

  • Thank you. I must admit, I am very excited. Just to be able to go off on my own, not wait until someone can take me! Hope you are having a good day. X

  • Hi Lizzyear, I wish you best wishes on your PIP application and things are positive, Good you are now having some independance with your new car and mobility scooter, With the warmer weather its wonderful just to get out and about and visit places, Its uplifting to be able to get away from your normal four walls,

    Enjoy and best wishes. X

  • Thank you. I will :-)) Hope you are having as good a day as you can. Gentle hugs x

  • All the best :) hope there's nice weather for you and you have a lovely time getting out n about. It does make such a difference.

  • Thank you. It has rained very heavily today, so will have to wait until tomorrow to try my independence! Hope your day has been good. X

  • Aw that's a pity it was nice here. I never saw much of it with being so exhausted. I'm feeling a little more energised now and have kept positive today. Hope you can get out tomorrow :) x

  • I am so pleased for you! it's makes such a big difference getting out and about. did you get it and the installation vat free?

    enjoy your freedom :)

  • Thats brilliant, hope you have much fun. Life is for living not waiti gx

  • Im so happy for you congrats!!

    take it easy don't overdue it! X

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