More meddling from OH

More meddling from OH

I am really getting to dread my OHs days off work... Yesterday he disappeared into the garage and I heard the dreaded noise of modifying.... Then my son comes in and says says put this on and come outside ... Thoughts of sexy nightwear immediately flew from my mind ... So I put on the outfit went outside , looked at poor myrtle my mobilty scooter, and went through the ritual humiliation of being photographed ....

So if anyone needs a superhero anytime soon my red phone is awaiting your call ... Or just shine a torch with a bat cut out and I,ll get to you eventually.....

Na na na na na na naaaaaaa ...... Batfish

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  • Brilliant! My OH attached the lawn mower to my electric wheelchair because I complained that he'd missed a bit, now I keep quiet lol

  • Men ..... They just can't take a helpful remark.... :D

  • My word - that's extensive modification indeed! What's happened to all the gold plating?

    With a bit more work, it really will look like The Batmobile.

    Starts knitting VG a BatCape

  • Remember I am short I don't need a very long one as I will only fall over it... Just make sure it covers all of my face please :)

  • Puts a whole new light on the phrase fibro fighters!!!!

  • Omw, that is so I know what to look out for , what's happened to the garage still? Heaven knows what it will look like once he's finished with it hehehe................can I be Robin ? ..........goes off to find a red cape. :-)

  • Of course as long as you wear the tights :)

  • Cool:)

  • No tax disc on display and I can't see the reg number, and you are driving on the wrong side of the road. :)

  • In true bat mobile style..... Kapow thwack

    Ps I also can't turn my neck right so I can only go left.... So I don't get very far unless I have someone with me telling me its safe to cross the road so I guess as a superhero I fail ....but underneath the modifications is a valid tax disc :)

  • Superhero's never fail VG, you pass with flying colours. :)

  • Brilliant!!

  • I want one! :) xx

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