While out shopping on my mobility scooter yesterday I got lost

While out shopping on my mobility scooter yesterday I got lost

And ended up In Monaco ... I noticed the F1 race was on and qualifying was underway... So I borrowed a set of overalls and a helmet and qualified 1st..... No one could get past me on those narrow streets at 8mph ... Their tyres all went cold and they had no grip :D

Can't wait for today ... A trophy will look so good in my living room

I love my mobilty scooter so many things are possible...

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  • Glad to see you're wearing your crash helmet, VG - and 'bon chance' as the locals say!


  • Tell me where the finish line is and I will get there to cheer you as you fly past :D :D

    Foggy x

  • I will join you foggy we can cheer her home I do think the ferrari might win but you never know good luck vg xgins

  • Oh goodie gins, great to have some company. methinks she have a cunning plan ticked up her sleeve tho............ ;-)

  • Let's drink the champers before she gets past the finish!

    Hehehehe! :P

    Moffy x

  • Oh yay, right on Moffy :-) >>>> hauls a jereboam out of her nitpick hamper and opens with great relish.....,,,(just had to wait til the wotsit crossed the yard arm to hit the hard stuff ;-) )


    Foggy x

  • Just heard the news VG, .............. For some strange reason, they said a man won the race.........what went wrong ?????

    Yours popping the cork on yet another bottle just in case the News is wrong ;-)

    Foggy x

  • Well done VG!! That's given me a lift!! XXXX

  • Well done.... where's the champers !!!!! xx

  • ^^^^^^^^^^. The champersh ish zup there, come and join us......hic

  • Is that helmet fixed with a virtual world reality game? Can I play too? :) xx

  • I've sprayed my scooter pink! Just let me get a crash helmet to match and I'll join you .....

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