Triumph to disaster in just over an hour

Please feel free to laugh at me at the end of this blog

I set out for town this morning on my mobility scooter I had remembered my purse, phone AND list. Went into town everyone was lovely none of the usual looks and I got everything done on my list.. Impressive huh.... I drove back home feeling on top of the world I had managed a small hassle free complete shopping task..... Then I got home... Unfortunately I had gotten a little stiff on the journey home ..I lifted the arm rest ready to swing my scooter seat round to descend gracefully .... In reality what happened ...... I lifted the arm overbalanced flew off my scooter onto the path knocking the forward lever as I went so the scooter promptly ran onto my foot and stayed there. Lying on the cold path pinned by my scooter I managed to get to my phone and asked my husband to come to the back door , reverse my scooter off my foot so I could haul myself up, my OH can't lift anything heavier than a kettle for another 3 weeks , I am sure way heavier than a kettle. Fortunately I landed on my bum so nothing was hurt except my pride and my foot and that's not too bad either.

On a positive the shopping and my scooter are both fine

VG x

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  • I too have faced similar perils,and people still think we make it up...why would we?!!!!!!

  • Hi Very grumpy,

    No I didn't laugh I was just worried about you, waiting in anticipation for the part where you told how you were saved by your husband, I'm so glad you were ok, and I'm sorry I wasnt there to help you up, God love you xxx

  • Although in thinking about that I'd probably been down on top of you with the scooter holding us both down now that I think of it lol xxx

  • hope u feel better soon your story made me smile my daughter caught the wheel of mt wheelchair in a groove atthe mall and i flewout it took too strong men to help me up lol

  • Ouch! I hope that you are not too bruised after the fall VG. Jane x

  • Lol claire that would have been a sight for my oh you rolling on top of me on our path under a scooter... And thanks everyone I am fine just a little sore foot, my bum is well padded

    VG x

  • Faded blossom glad you were ok at least I hope you are

    VG x

  • oooops!!! hope you are ok, You were lucky you didn't do more damage..xx

  • Hope you are alright VG? You seem to attract catastrophe's of late. Have you thought of changing your name to Calamity Jane?

    Seriously - I hope your foot is ok, and no I didn't laugh (haven't got over the wardrobe yet:)

    gentle hugs

    Em xx

  • Shhhhhhhhhh don,t mention the wardrobe, Though I admit is is funnier

    Blushes VG x

  • Oh my goodness VG and it was all going so well! It's still a victory though, you did make the shopping expedition and you managed really well, so you still deserve a gentle pat on the back, well done!

    All you have to do now is master the end bit without injury - sounded horrendous! Hope you don't feel too bruised, it must've been awful for you. Make sure you chill out tonight and take it easy.

    Have you considered "L" plates or perhaps a "Caution" sign at the back of your scooter just in case anyone walks past with a wardrobe (did I say wardrobe?! ;) :P) or anything similar!

    You always make me smile, you brighten our days VG! :) ;)

    Bless you! xx (((hug)))

  • Lol if I post the wardrobe incident I will have to issue a warning as maladjusted was drinking. Tea when I told her .. Result wet keyboard , clothes and she nearly choked.

    VGx :)

  • Lol! As long as you don't raid the FibroAction first aid box VG, we'd be out of pocket in no time with your list of calamities! ;) :P

  • For once nobody was injured in the wardrobe episode but it certainly made for an eventful nocturnal event in a comical way

    VG x

  • Just watch out for those burglars

  • Rofl now everyone will think we were burgled .... We were not... By the way has your keyboard dried out ok?????

    VG x

  • Keyboard is now dry, but have you ever heard the expression 'sticky-keys' I have put a whole new meaning to it. Also after removing the keys to clean them, I didn't put them all back correctly - I accidentally switched the M & N keys, so now everyone thinks I'm dyslexic :( I'll blame the burglars

  • Did someone mention burglars?! Burglars spilling beer over a keyboard?! ;) :P

  • hi hunny,my friend has a scootef and shes as daft as me..she got her handbag stuck round handle resulting in her speeding across the road nearly hitting a parked car..bumped up the pavement and crashed into a fence smashing one panel...she couldnt move for laughing! her son brought her home in his car..and i always know when shes going out as i hear her crashing into the wheely bins! we dont improve with age! xxx

  • Thank god the shopping was okay.

    There was an old woman....

    ...swallowed a fly, oh why oh why did she swallow a fly, do you think she will die? No I have not gone mad. I decided yesterday that my brain needed a bit of training. So I set off to the mall to buy some Xbox points so I could buy the word game I wanted. You cannot get it on disc, only as a download. Half way there I had one of my coughing fits. As I tired to draw breath in I saw either a green bottle or blue bottle hurtling towards my face. I shut my mouth quick, but not quick enough, the damned thing went right down my throat!!!!! So I ran to the mall and headed for the ladies, shoved my head under the tap and guzzled as much water as I could. Then I did my little bit of shopping(which conssisted of points case weighing about the same as a dvd and a canvas 8x10 board for my daughter) and headed home. When I got home I downed a scalding cup of coffee followed by another. I think I wanted to make sure it was dead. God knows what it had been on before I devoured it. And in the early hours I was crippled with stomach cramps and spent hours in the loo keeping the water company in business. So I thought this may give you a giggle or two.

  • Ozzy how horrendous for you! Oh my goodness, you poor thing! I would have done exactly the same as you, bucket loads of hot drinks to scald the nasty thing for sure! Chances are it died quickly with your gastric juices, but it's the thought isn't it.

    How awful too that you were poorly in the night, at least you can think now that it has gone and you're back to normal! That's the main thing. I wonder what the chances are for that to happen just at the second you opened your mouth, amazing!

    (((hug))) xxx

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