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New Car put a smile on my face !!!!! :-)

Hi everyone well what a day I have had. Today we picked up my new car ( Motability ) and it is Red, other one was Azure Blue, so dif; colour but same model. I was not exited till we actually drove onto the forecourt. They were very sweet it was all wrapped up and hidden behind a screen.

Then My husband drove it home as I am still unable to drive... Acute Fibro and all !! told him I would get him a hat!!! lol :-)

After lunch we went to the next town, and with the help of Indie my little red scooter I went shopping,for the first time since March. Mac said you should have seen my face !! We went into two big stores , and I was able to take it into the coffee shop. Again a first since March.

The only other time I have been out was last friday to help chose my daughter's wedding dress. Now I will be able maybe to go back to swimming,as I can go on Indie round the Hotel. :-)

Well now I am so shattered !! I hope I will sleep well tonight,as I have the hospital appointments tomorrow,and instead of going in a boneshaker wheelchair I can just hop on my scooter.

Gentle hugs to every one (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Hugs))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Love and Light

Rainbowdancer x x

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What lovely uplifting news! I wish you lots more happy days with your new set of wheels. Jane x


Realy pleased for you rainbowdancer,how exciting to have a new car and to have such a lovely day out and about,bet you feel fab,hope all goes well tomorrow,I've just posted a blog about returning to work tomorrow...I soo do not want to go bed!xx

(((((((((((Soft hugs Hun))))))))))


Thanks guy's It was great very tiring but worth it. Big day tomorrow,seeing the physio, fibro guy and Rheumatology. Hoping to be doing hydro therapy for a while to help me get back to swimming. My friend says she thinks I am a mermaid ,coz after being in the water I am more movable and alert lol :-)

Well off for some ZZ Z Z Z Z Z Zz z z z z z z z night night , sleep tight , dont let the fibro bite!!

Rainbowdancer :-)


:-) Wonderful uplifting news.. x


What wondeful day Go Girl! :) You will make us all smile with you take care xgins


Happy and safe motoring in your new car :-) its so ovely to hear a piece of good news enjoy your travels and may the road ahead be full of wonderful opportunities and amazing sights

Dixie xx


Ooops ment lovely lol


My old car got towed to the scrapyard last December and I had to wait 2 and a half months for my new Motability car to arrive. I'd ordered it from a showroom just yards from my university. In the weeks that I had no car, my university had been kind enough to pay for a taxi to get me to and from my lectures and I can still remember how excited I was the morning the taxi drove me past the showroom and my new car had been parked where I could see it and the frustration of having to wait till 11am to be able to collect it.

I have to admit I chose the colour, firstly on its ability to stand out and secondly on the look of absolute horror on my son's face - its lime green :) A couple of days ago my son came to help me do a bit of shopping and I watched him scan the (very busy) car park and spot my car within seconds :) He says the colour has "grown on him" and he's certainly never refused a lift in it. I love my new car, its so much easier to drive than my old one, I don't regret getting it despite the fact its left me struggling financially. Those endless weeks without transport made me really appreciate how much difference a car makes to my life and mobility.

I hope you have as much enjoyment from your new car xxx


Thanks Lindy, yes I waited two months for my new one because I was not well enough to go and look at them. In the end we decided to have one exactly the same but a diferent colour. The mobility were very good they re-taxed my old car so that I could keep it for the extra two months. I have a Citroen C3 Picasso Exclusive ,in cherry red the last one was so lovely to drive,and when I can walk I will know I will be OK to drive it. :-)

My daughter is getting married next year and her dress is Crimson,so she had a shock when she saw the car. :-).

Gentle hugs to all x (((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))


Sounds like your car will co-ordinate with your daughters wedding :)

My car is about the same colour as the green strip at the top of the page, its a Vauxhall Corsa. This time of year I LOVE the heated steering wheel and seat :)


Woop woo lucky you....heated seat and steering wheel. lol

yes I will colour co-ordinate for the wedding...I am giving my daughter away and it will be on Midsummer's day. All I need to do is find a colour I can where that will go with her crimson. The Bridesmaids are in shades of green !! very magical and my birthday too :-)


Sounds like you had a lovely and hopefully more to come :D x


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