Asking for my dla to be reviewed

Hi , I'm new to the site , could anyone give me advice ? I suffer from lots of back problems , iv just had 2 nd operation in December to have 2 nd lot of rods inserted , I have OA ,and spinal stenosis , I do have a scooter , I use walking aids , my mobility is due to run out in feb , but my new scooter will not fit in my car , mobility has suggested I reclaim now , I'm just so terrified of losing itv, iv had a care line fitted in my house in case I fall , and m son gets direct payments has my carer , he's awarded 25 hrs a week payments , Amy advice ?

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  • Hi there this is a tricky one .... My dla was up for reveiw yearly each June ... I got a renewal pack January and told to get it back ASAP , which I did and I have been awarded same rate indefinitely which means most likely round about October 2015.

    I don't think you will lose your Dla as you have got a registered carer but I don't know if you will have to go through PIP or just renew through dla forms.... Everywhere I look there is conflicting messages as to whether people on dla can reveiw through dla or have to go through PIP

    As mobility have told you to claim now .. That sounds like they know more about it ... If you email title of the email benefits

    Mdaisy can email you out the new updated work and benefits sheets which may help you decide what to do

    Vg x

  • It will most likely be done as a DLA review. As far as I'm aware, only new claimants are supposed to be assessed for PIP. PIP mobility rules have changed lowering the distance you are able to walk from 50m to 20m. This is something which is to have a judicial review as it was not part of the PIP consultation.

  • Hi very grumpy , have received the dla forms to fill in and not PIP , after June 2013 it will be new claims will Pip , after oct 2013 renewals or reconsiderations or Pip , I'm just amazed that people with such disabilities or scared to reclaim , I am 42 yrs old a my youngest children or 6 yrs and 4 yr old twins. Without my mobility car I'm housebound :(

  • Also I'm unable rouse the loo , my son has to catheter me , and I go for pain relieve injections every 3 months , I'm on oramorph 4x daily , I have an incontinence nurse ,, I just don't no the criteria anymore .

  • The criteria for DLA are available from Benefits & Work, I believe copies may be available from forum admin. If you able to, get in touch with your local CAB or similar organisation to help with completing your form.

  • Its awful the way we're made to feel I too felt scared as my DLA was due the same time as VG, I had a couple of scary weeks waiting for reply in the end I got it indefinitely so till 2015 then a worrying starts all over again x

  • Thanks for the info cuddley .....If you don't mind I,ll copy that info into my notepad very useful to know.... I think with all that you should sail through dla . So go for it..

    VG x

  • Hi lima6 , I have got an appointment with CAB. , fingers crossed , all goes well x

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