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On Friday I was rebandaged then I came home and fell over at my front door

Ribbs sore and back but I am Ok so yesterday we went to a farm park my grandson thought it was brilliant. I bumped over rough ground in Jezabelle my scooter this morning I have no feeling in my hands and my ribbs are still horrid. What a nuisance I was so looking forward to playing with him and now I will have to sit and watch from the sidelines.

The sky is clear here this morning and hopefully it ill be a really good day. Certainly the beautiful autumnal colours and light gives a sharp clarity to the trees and the acers/ maples still hanging on to their leaves.

Smiles to you all xgins

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Wishing you better.

The sky was beautiful this morning. Hopefully no rain today even though it is clouding over.

Have a very blessed day xxx


sisterbless thank you for your thoughts and I hope you enjoyed a beautiful day. It was really quite hot in the sun!

Take care xgins


isn't that typical ! but hey you are there with him sharing his enjoyment and making memories together. i can't really run around etc but i do lots of arty messy play with my Grangirls, we just have to play to our strengths.warm hugs xx


I too do lonts of messy play from paints paper craft , even baking we always get in a wonderful pickle xgins


Morrrning gins :-)

ohps not good gins and we tell ourselves should know how to walk as you been with me all my life so what said you could trip me up lol.. i always laugh but sorry your sore and that you could not do the things you quite wanted but time with little ones is just fun anyway.

THe weather is daylight but foggy lol jsut like my head i guess most of times heheeh ..really still atmosphere outside ..

xxxx huggles cazzie xxx


You are righit always seems to end in disaster - are right I should know how to move hehe i AM CERTAINLY OLD ENOUGH TO PICK MY FEET UP!

Great pity I can no longer dance

lala lalalal lllalllala I dont even have the rythm :) gins


Oh dear I hope you are feeling better very soon gins. I'm sure your grandson just loved having you there anyway.

It has been a beautiful day here in the North West. I got a few more bulbs planted, so something lovely to look forward to in the spring. I do so love spring flowers! Jane x


I was feeling more myself then last night had the grand childrens tummy bug you have got to smile :)

Your spring bulbs will be amasin xgins