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my big brave little man ! (but dont tell him i said that lol )

today i was up at the crack of dawn to get ready for my little mans (well not so little he is 9 )

growth hormone deficiency blood test ,i had to pick my mum up very early going through rush hour traffic to make sure i got back in time to get me and jay to hospital jenny lind ward

on time :)

and i might add i had to wake up my eldest daughter to look after the little ones while i did this

now anyone who has or has had teenagers will know what i meen ,she didnt go to bed untill 2.00am !

so waking up said teenager at the ungodly hour of OMG 7.30AM !!!! well it deserves danger money i can tell you !

so mum/nan all picked up and intructions for the remaining 4 children in the house ,we set off !

my butterflies are absolutly awful ,so god knows what poor jays were like ,

so we arrive in plenty enough time lots of parking spaces WAHOOOO ! in my local hospital its unheard of lol

so we go in to the day ward and the lovely nurse (male ) explanes everything to jay and me

and then came the dreaded canular (dont know if thats spelt right )

i forgot to say this blood test lasts FOUR HOURS so hence the canular ,

well bless him he was sooo brave ,he didnt shed a tear .even though at one point he grabbed it and took it out lol ,

so had to start again ,oh well ,

so then came the injection of growth hormones ,and bless him he got a bit upset ,(dont tell anyone i promised i wouldnt :) )

so then came the good bit ,sitting there for 4 hours !!!!

every 15mins they took blood from my jay and not once did he mone ,at one point he says "oh its alright save you walking round i will come to you " and walked over ,held his arm out so the nurse could take the blood :)

so even though iam in absolutly utter agony from sitting in a wooden chair solidly for over 4 hrs ,how can i moan !

my little man sat there as good as gold and let them take blood from him every 15 mins for 4 hrs !

im a very proud mummy lol :)

well i know its such a long blog but i had to share how proud iam of my baby jay ,he will always be baby jay to me even when he is 40 ! lol

hope everyone is ok love and hugs lynz xxxx

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aaawww, lynz, bless you must be proud of him. It's amazing what we can go through when and if we must.

re..he'll always be your baby...mines soon 23 and it's true. Mt grandma said to me once...your children are always your children and you always worry about them!!! hmmm i thought, being about 30 and having no children then...well gran's in her 80's and mum's just turned sixty..tsk what's she on about? as soon as i had my wonderful all made sense. been some issues along the way as she got older, but you sure do what you need to to protect them, she's been in Oz the last year and my does it seems soooo far away. the internet and cheap phone calls make the world a smaller place.

All the very best to your little hero and you

have a great week and

Jan xx


awww bless thank god for the internet and cheap calls ! it must be so lovely to beable to travel i always wanted to ,but never got the chance . i cant stand the idea of mine wanting to do it mind lol :)

he is such a little hero ,thank you :) im such a proud mummy

hugs lynz x


Never had the opportunity either, till we left the ex.!!!! 2 years ago at darling child moved to Canada for a year on a student working visa. Just went with a return fare, a bank account and one nights stay in a hostel...went on from there..i was soooo proud when within a week she'd found somewhere to stay then got a job a month later. Was so traumatised when we said goodbye at the airport, cried all the way home, and was hysterical when i walked in the door.

Still my thinking was well you've got to let them live their lives, and if i was to see her i just had to go visit, never flown before so it was an adventure. Was lucky enough to go twice, now she's in Oz..went there in March.

Hard going lynz i can tell you,

good luck to you and your little hero. Children are just so amazing.xx

take care

Jan xx


Oh Lynz what a little hero you have in your son! It's quite true what Jan says above, our babies are always our babies, no matter what age they are, My eldest is 28 now and he's just left home for the second time, this time for good! I cried my heart out! Felt really soppy, but couldn't help it. He'd been with us since moving back home for 6 years, it felt a real wrench! Soppy Mum!

I am sure you gave your son a pat on the back and a huge cuddle, he did so well! Make sure his Mum rests and doesn't overdo it! ;) It was lovely to read about your pride of your son! :)


right i shall try again lol ,(already wrote this lol )

i would and will cry buckets ,when my lot start to leave me ,and its true he will always be baby jay even when hes 40 ! it has such a ring to it ! :)

i did give him such a pat on the back ,he had a big boy macdonalds ,as he had been starved aswell untill 2 pm ! he may well get his head stuck in the door way he has been told how clever and good he has been lol :)

well as to me i may well not beable to walk tomorrow lol but im so beeming it dosnt matter lol

thank hugs lynz x


Ah that's so sweet Lynz, I am exactly the same as you over my chilren! Doesn't matter how old they are, they're still my babies lol!

Take it a bit easy tomorrow though, so that you will be ok the next day! :)


Aw Lynz what a brave boy, much braver than I am. I almost have to be tied to the bed when I have blood taken nevermind having intravenous drips etc!!. You deserve to be a proud mummy xx


lol thanks :) xx


give him hugs from us! how long till you get results?

this school holidays stressfull for all the wrong reasons lol!!!

catch up soon hun xxx


i dont know they didnt say ,but i normally get a letter in the post ,thats what happend when he had an mri scan anyway ,tc xxx


Poor little chap and how brave,and for you...well lets hope the solid chair doesn't cause too many problems.xx


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