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My helpful little dog lol

I thought I would share this very funny story.... I have a little yorkie called Max , he was a rescue and is now safe and loved at our house.He is my constant companion x................

Well my husband had to go out the other day and I got up,he usually gets me dressed and |I thought I would try dressing myself..... When it came to my nics I put them on the floor and tried very hard to put them on. My legs don't move too well and the right one not at all. So I tried to put my toes in each leg but to no avail....I got my grapper and tried that and go them over my toes on both feet.....when my helpful little pooch got behind my legs and put his head in the gusset !! I said " Oh thanks bub you helping mummy " he squirmed and wiggled and then shot off across the room with my nics on his head with each leg over his eyes........well I laughed so much I almost fell off the bed ....and he ran off down stairs.;-)

When he came back no nics in site I thought well wot on earth will OH think if he comes home to find them in the lounge ;-)

It was a funny story and I just wanted to share it. :-)

Gentle hugs from Me and Max ;-)

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this really made me laugh x


awh! I could just picture him.

sandra :)


How cute, what a lovely story, thanks for sharing it with us Rainbow! :D

(((hug))) xxx



dId you have to go commando til your Husband came home?


LOL i got the visuals with this lovely story! Well nothing wrong with commando hey! hahaha

Lyndy xxx


Bless you for sharing such an amusing story. It made me smile. What a helpful little doggie!

It reminded me of one of our rescue dogs, Marley, who we have had for 8 months. He is about 18 months old now and a real clown. I was trying to get my slippers on one morning, when he rushed up and snatched the one I hadn't managed to get on and rushed off down the stairs with it in his mouth. I must have looked like "Hopalong Joe" going down the stairs in the hope of getting my slipper back, but I had to wait until he was ready to relinquish it. I fell about laughing and "they" say laughter is the best medicine, so really our furry helpers are great healers 'cos they make us laugh when sometimes we may not feel like laughing!

I thank God every day for my 2 cats and 2 dogs. I thank God for my husband, too, of course!

Love and hugs, rainbowdancer, from Saskia XX


well they do say fresh air is good for us Rainbow lol xx


Brilliant. My dog Bryn loves stealing underwear. He is also partial to sharing baths and showers with me. He really keeps me going.



What a lovely story. Made me smile, I have three little dogs one a rescue we added unintentionally 5 yrs ago! They bring a smile to my face on the darkest of days and always seem to comfort me...


This little terror is always making me laugh .more so when I am down. I had a pair of slippers for two mins last christmas (soft leopard scin type ) I put them on the floor and slipped them on...he rushed over pulled them off, gathered them up and put them in his cage,where he puts anything he thinks is his lol :-)

Glad to know this cheered you all up.

Gentle Hugs from me and Max x x x ;-)


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