my daft grandson

he's gorgeous but nuts, he has got this thing about Paw Patrol (cartoon) i blame my mum she bought him the pyjamas. i had major trouble getting out of bed today because of the pain - anyway he comes in my room and says get up nanny. Nanny is trying to darling - he then starts shouting at the top of his voice - come in Paw Patrol come on hurry up and help my nanny - the cartoon is about dogs who are firemen, policemen etc and he really thought they could help me. He rang them on his little play phone bless him. I love him so much, but could really have done without him shouting so loudly. lol love and hugs to all xx

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  • They're magic aren't they. They think everything is solveable and it sounds as though he had a lot of faith that they could help you, if only. There is no grey area in the mind of a small child. I bet you wished that they would materialise at the side of the bed and magically help you up.x

  • Wonderful, I took Darth Vader and a storm trooper to Mc Donalds this evening their sister distanced herself from them xx

  • That is so darlung!!! You know that is just his way of showing his LOVE for his nanny.Have a lovely evening.Peck🐤

  • That is just so beautiful, thank you for sharing it with us! x :)

  • so lovable x

  • He sounds so cute and has great taste in cartoons. He also sounds like he loves his nan very much and wants to help. My little one is vocal she tells everyone I'm poorly and holds my hand when I'm wobbly kids r so supportive. Sometimes I wish my older lot were as understanding. Xxxxx

  • That's too cute! I could really see that ha ha. Our granddaughter is into Peppa Pig! Everything is Peppa. It's sad when you can read the books to her in the right voices! I think I've seen every episode 🐸

  • Brilliant haha 😂. I love children's imaginations. I'm sure you could have done without the loud shouting though.

  • Oh what a little sweetie (loud but sweet!) :) xx

  • Ahh, he sounds adorable! They reall enrich our lives and make it worth the struggle to get up!

    Enjoy your time with him 😊

  • I could do with help from Paw Patrol in the mornings! He sounds a very caring little boy.

  • If weve got to wake with pain fatigue l cant think of anything better than a small child to help waken up, adn motivate us. l envy you, remembering when my sons were little and times when l was unwell, doing shadow figures with them whilst snuggled in bed. l could also do with paw patrol calling, sure you get lots of hugs from your paw pattrol

  • thank you to all, he is a wonderful little lad, only 4 - he never stops running around and talking, he is very bright, but also very naughty and thinks one of his cheesy grins are going to get him out of trouble. he is a cheeky little chap with an answer for everything but i absolutely adore him, he is my world and even though he drives me potty, litterally!!! i love him so much. i was there at his birth so he is so special, thanks for all of your kind words, they are very much appreciated. love and very gentle hugs xxx

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