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Hearing the sound of breaking glass

Hi all I hope your all having a great weekend

About 3-4 weeks ago I was sitting in my living room and heard what I thought was a lightbulb blowing and smashing. It scared the living day lights out of me.

I went to have a look around the house and found nothing looked outside found nothing or no one . I thought that was strange and just carried on

The next day I was in my kitchen and heard exactly the same thing and again found nothing. By this time iam scared thinking am I being haunted or is it that iam so tired exhausted that iam imagining things. Iam only getting 2-3 hrs sleep and the docs will not give me sleeping pills. Anyway this happened the other night. Twice my hubby was asleep so I woke him up. I said you must have heard that. No he didn't here anything..

Then it did it again when he was awake and he didn't here it. I was crying by this time as I thought I was mad. Phoned the doc and explained what was happening and I can have a appointment in 5 weeks. I put the phone down and had a melt down..I have searched the Internet and I have found some info about exploding head sin drone I have never heard about this before. Iam so upset that the docs won't see me as iam worried

Has anyone heard about this head thingy any info would be great.

It did say it can happen when people are not sleeping. Please anyone am at my wits end with this and need help. Sorry for any inconvenience I may have caused. Thankyou

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I have never heard of that although I am sure I hear my doorbell ringing or letterbox being rattled, I have even woken up hearing someone calling my name. I live alone and usually hear these noises late at night, it is scary but I pull my duvet up further and refuse to investigate anymore.

Sorry it doesn't help you xx


I've had the thing of hearing my name being called waking me up too. Scary. Why at night? I also hear phones ringing but put that down to work (I have two phones constantly competing with one another).

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Hi there

First of all, you haven't inconvenienced anyone. It's what we are here for. To take care of and look out for our Fibro friends.

Have you tried any of the herbal tablets to help with your sleep? I have been an insomniac for all my life.

I got so desperate for some sleep that I bought some Nytol in the light blue box. I'm on a huge list of meds, and my pharmacist said it was ok to take it.

It costs just over £5.00. Please do give it a try until you can get an appointment with your GP. You can buy it in most chemists.

Personally I think it's disgusting that you are having to wait all this time. Can't you get an emergency appointment.

The whole thing must be very scary for you.

Unfortunately the forum is usually fairly quiet on the weekend so you may want to post again on Monday.

Wishing you calmness and peace

Lu xx


I have things like that hapen at times of stress or lack of sleep I have tinnitus and sometimes I hear music and muffled sounds I am used to it now just one of those things that can happen in times of I'll health and stress I had a good talk with my gp

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Have you watched trust me i am a doctor its on iplayer. Had an interesting section on improving sleep.

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Hello Gilly, While reading your post it set off bells ringing in my head.

excuse the pun i coudnt help it.

Any way it reminded me that i some times get a sound like a gunshot being fired in the middle of my head. I have never bothered to look into it.

I Googled`Exploding head syndrome ` and come up with quite a lot of information. :) The is nothing at all to worry about. here is the link to one article and you can of cause Google it your self.

I hope this gets you a better nights sleep.

Sue :)


Gilly ..I have had that, its left me at the moment, Frightening all the same, x


Please remember Dr Google can be misleading. 5 weeks is a long wait to see your dr. Can you see another practice doctor instead? It would at least put your mind at rest 🐸


Hi sorebones.

As i always do before posting, I read up on several sites including the NHS site and they all said the same.

I wont post anything from Wickapeidia or sites run by drug companies and always make sure that they are up to date.

If they are the slightest bit iffy i say so.

Yes 5 wks is a long time to wait espescially when you have no information and are very worried i hope that my bit of reasearch has shown that it is probably nothing to worry about.

If i was a bit to sure of myself last night i apologise and put it down to tiredness.



Or it could be my tiredness taking it the same way lol. No need to apologise. It must be horrible and frightening hearing sounds like that when you're asleep. Luckily for me I haven't encountered that particular delight. My hubby works abroad so I'd be going crazy. Nobody to tell me it's just me hearing it. Let's hope I never have to experience that or I will never sleep a wink. But it does make sense if various nerve endings in the brain are getting confused.

Hopefully they will find an answer in time to help us 🐸




Thankyou to everyone who has replied to my post.

Iam worried but iam calmer now because of you lovely people

Iam reading up on this and I can relate to all the symptoms .

Yes 5 weeks wait. It's a joke when your so worried and anxious

But iam understanding a bit more and a lot more calmer

So Thankyou everyone who has took time out to reassure me iam not going mad and not being haunted. Lol

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Have you thought you may have a guardene Angel looking over you Don't worry too much you willbe fine x


I am so genuinely sorry to read this and it really does sound like sleep deprivation in my opinion? I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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