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My little doggy has felt ill i think today i took him for a walk round the block earlier and he was really slow we normally go around twice but he plled to go home then he went to the back door and just flopped outside and laid on the slabs he did not seem bothered he was walking like he really could not care he hasnt been sick or had upset tummy so maybe he just feels out of sorts today poor liitle man it is horrible as they cant tell you that they feel that way can they i told my grandsons to keep away from him as if he was feeling ill then i would hate for him to snap at them

oh well i hope he is better tomorrow for his walk on the north beach i am sure he will be

love to you all diddle xxxxx

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Hi Diddle, I am a dog walker/pet sitter with many years of animal experience. Is your little doggie eating and drinking ok? And are his poos normal? Is he weeing normally? If yes then he may just be feeling the heat. My Bandit has slowed up just recently, he is only 6 and a terrier but I think as the weather is so humid He just isn't as interested at the moment but he does seem to perk up in the evening when ot cools down. If any of the answers to the above are no then you might need to take him to the vets.

Hugs xxxxxx


hi and thanks for the reply yes he ate his tea and kept it down he is drinking normal for him and also going to toilet okk too and weeing ok he is 6 too and i think it may be the het although it has not been as hot the last 2 days but prob all caught up with him bless he slept on my bed last night i dont normally do that but was worried if he was ill in night but he slept fine in fact he is still up there will go get him in a bit thanks for your advice love didle x


Hi Diddle, he sounds warn out though saying that my dog sleeps on the bed and is not a morning dog. If he is still lethargic a trip to the vets wouldn't hurt, he may have eaten something he shouldn't or have picked up a little infection. Sometimes their ears are hot when resting if they have, but again they don't usually eat. Remember it is bank hol so if you are still concerned give the vets a quick call it won't hurt. He probably isn't too bad if he is eating and drinking as that is the usual thing to go. Let me know how you get on.

Hugs to all cxxx


hi diddle so sorry your best friend is under the weather, hope he picks up real soon, our loving loyal friends animals can't say how they feel but i'm sure they feel like we do sometimes big hug for doggie, gentle hug for you tc soma x


Hope he is feeling better today Diddle xx


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