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Driveway assault update

Hi everyone firstly I want to thank everyone for the advice and hugs etc, sorry I've not updated sooner but I'm only just about getting back to normal (if you can call it normal lol ) 3 days after my attract I was rushed into hospital down my back they've done anmri scan and that picked up severe bruising to my kidneys and straight across my back I had 4 days on my back in hospital , on the 2nd day mum answered our door and it was the chap who done this next door seen me vexing taken in ambulance then word got around why so you'll never believe this after he fount out what damage he done HE went to police station and told them he deserves to be charged . So a result. The day I came out ta hospital my neighbour came round with a huge bunch of flowers handsome chocolates does he think that's going to make me feel better towards him mmmmm well I suppose time will tell lol :-)

Thank you all once again for your advice and support .

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Well what a result .... I hope you are recovering nicely at home without any stress now

VG x


Well I suppose the thug did the right thing by handing himself in. The neighbour behaved appallingly by doing nothing while you were being attacked so flowers and choccies are nice but too little too late. However, you do have to live next to him so I suppose you have to accept them and try to move on.

It was shocking what happened to you and you must have been in so much pain but I'm glad you are on the mend now, but please take it slowly.

Much love.....Charlii xx


So sorry to hear about the problems you have continued to have from this dreadful event. But I have to say I am impressed with the actions of the man in question, and the gesture from your neighbour was a lovely thought. You may never count him as a close friend, but he wasn't the one who hurt you, and obviously feels bad about the actions of his friend, so I think you should accept it as a good will gesture. Enjoy the chocs (yum) and try to let go of the negative feelings. I know that's easy to say and hard to do, but in the end, negativity only hurts US, not the other people.

I hope you are continuing to feel better every day!




Hi Tweety.

I am so sorry for what you have been through and glad you are on the mend in body & spirit. I also agree with KazF, that the actions of the man who attacked you is impressive, especially in todays environment. At least you can live worry free as both him and your neighbour seem contrite.


Thank you for all your support x


Hope you make a good recovery. Loads of rest and chocolate.




Great to hear he went to the police and as an added bonus (?!) you have physical evidence that you were harmed. Just hope the maniac admits to what he does.

Enjoy the flowers and chocs.

Soft hugs.


I'm sorry to hear that you have been in hospital as a result of the terrible attack.l think it is good that the man has held his hand up to attacking you and the flowers etc are a kind gesture

..BUT l would be very wary of his motives...he may be full of guilt or remorse? But he may also be thinking that this case may well go to court and is trying to get you on side.,by going to the police , has already won him browny points with a judge..he may even try and get around you to drop careful ..with best wishes to you and a speedy recovery x


I supose the flowers and chocolates were a nice gesture. Shame the in ident happened in the first place, what was he thinking?!.

Anyway good to hear you're out of the hospital and on the mend.

Becky. X


Funny how these things turn out ? Very pleased to hear your news :)


Sorry you were so baddly hurt that you ended up in hospital I am glad to hear that you are now on the mend, this man may be feelin bad for what he did or he could as others have said Be trying for brownie point with the judge, but may later try to get you to drop the charges as to your neighbour he may be holding out the olive branch in the form of flowers and chocolates but I would still be warry of him, on a good note I am glad to hear that tou are on the mend take care and enjoy your chocies gentle hugs. Sithy :-)


(((((HUGS))))) I hope you're home scoffing those chocs and smelling sweet flowers. I'm sorry you needed to be rushed off to hospital, it must have been a huge shock for you on top of the attack.

At least he had the integrity to own up to what he many these days just deny it & make you prove otherwise.

I hope you continue to mend hun (((((HUGS)))))


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