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Well my body clock done its usual trick tossing and turnng all night in agony then waking up at 4 am arghhhh and getting up lol no point just layiny there

got my youngest grandson today for 2 hours so that wiull be nice hope it dont rain then i can push him out in his buggy it helps me walk around pushing that

i am now gonna go walk my doggy up the road it is wet but so mild in for a storm apparently i love a good old thunder stom it great

got to get my fdaughter up for work at 8 she has had jus over a week off so will come hard to her goiung back in bless but ll good hings come to an end but she had a lovely time off and whn i got back from my london trip he had left the house spick and span bless her and done a wash so doid not come back to a lot of mess !!!

enjoy your day what ever you doing may be back later if not tommorrow will see how day goes i am sooooo very tired lol love toyou diddle xxxx

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Hey diddle, Gentle hugs.

I've been up since 4 too - that's 3 days in a row - and not great either - I did not fall asleep until half 2! Somehow though - and don't ask me how I managed - I had a sudden rush of energy and cleaned my kitchen :O - And it's a ruddy great big kitchen - it's a good 4 foot longer than my living room and wider!

So glad you enjoyed your London trip - too scary a place for my liking and so noisy! Give me a trip up North to Scotland anytime!

Your daughter sounds wonderful. At 19, she's very mature and has a good head on her shoulders. An absolute credit to you, diddle.

Enjoy your time with your Grandson - I adore having my own Grandson - who at almost 10 months, is a bouncing ball of energy - literally! He loves bouncing and does not like being restrained now that he's almost toddling - he crawls - but if he's headed somewhere he knows is off limits? He turns commando and uses his arms and elbows to move faster than if he was on his hands and knees! He's so funny too - adorably cute with it - and he knows it! He loves the camera and will always let anyone in the family, take his picture.

Have a terrific day.


Carol xx


thanks will do my grandson loves a train i have and big truck i just get them down and he jus goes round and round the lounge pushing tghem along he is easy to look after at 2 the older one who is 4 is harder he wnts to be doing things alll the time attention span of 5 mins for each activity lol but think his other nanny or dad having him today i vcant have them both at once love to you diddle x


Have a good day with your Grandson hope the weather is ok for you

soft hugs ))) Allan x


hi allan goiod to hear from you yes i will it is warm here and wet but ok hopefully will get him out in buggy for a bit then we ill all be worn out him me and the dog lol hope all is well with you and yours love diddle x


lol yes my daughter knoews i cant handle them both for very long and especially as the old london trip has done me in big time i feel bad but thats lkife and thats how it is could always be worse so no point brooding on it is ther enjoy your day love diddle x


Have a great time with your grandson they certainly make you smile and we all need that.

ive got a new one but havent seen him yet too far to drive too painful to drive, waiting for my daughter to have time off then she will drive us up there.

enjoy your day

hugs Lin x


Just to let you know that you weren't alone through the night or in the rising at the 'crack of sparrows' - I too was desperate for sleep but not alot forthcoming. I do hope you have a lovely day with your grandson and enjoy your dog walking. Hope we both have a better nights sleep tonight,

gebtle hugs :-) xx


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