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Thats how the song goes anyway ! but what they dont tell you and fail to tell you is WHEN ???????

oh well people i am off mnow to start my day lol thats a laugh been up since 4,30 am !!!!!! but now going to get my daughter up for work and my partner via phone call wash my cup up woo woo and thats it for bit read a little

Good luck to you all with kids off for Easter i expect that when i come back on here later ther will bw alot of blogs starting with ARGHHHHHHH!!!!! as kids are doing your heads in bless them !

Anyway you all have a lovely day and will come back later love and soft hugs to you all Diddle xxxx

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Lots of love to you too, hope you have a lovely day, & take it easy cxx


take it easy ha ha love to you i will try though so much oain lol love diddle xxx


Morning diddle,

Yes 4,30 is toooo early, i got woke up at 8,30 with my darling daughter singing in bed, but thats good from yesterday as it was the guitar arrrghhh, there, theres your first arrrrghhhh, lol.

Hope you have a good day diddle (omg i keep writing diddly, and having to change it lol)

hugs, kel xxxx


lol love toy ou and good luck at doctors later xxx love diddly lol or diddle x


Think you need some rest today Mrs!! take it easy, Hugs Ruby xx


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