What a day this is going to be!

Don't know where to start, all I know is I got to go to Wales today so I can get my daughters passport done as she needs it by the 15th. Of this month to go on ski holiday with the school and I totally forgot all about it and to top it off I can't find her birth certificate either so I got to sort tht out first! And can't afford to be stressed as I will flake out... Why do I keep forgetting everything it's doing my brain in.... I think or wished I had a person who could do it for me, like the rich lol we all would be or feel a lot better . My lovely dad is lending me his car to go to this place so I will at least know i will get there and he has heated seats so hopefully this will ease then pain from getting to stiff, from the long journey and know when i get back my dad would have washed and polished my car bless him.. Then now to top it off I have the ex telling my daughter that I shouldn't have left it to late to get it and I am lazy and I should get a job and not sit on my ars all day watching tv n drinking tea Jesus y does he do it I can't get stressed grrr ....

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  • Doesn't the school offer the option of a group passport then all you need is the health insurance abroad card and two passport photos

    VG x

  • No they don't but wished they did as it would ave been a lot easier x

  • You didn't mention if your ex is your daughters father if he is or has been acting as such, if so I would have just turned round and told him instead of stirring the situation why didnt he sort it.... Yours VG ( the untactful ) xx

  • Yeah, too right! What she said! ;) xxx

  • Lol he is her father poor her I mean my daughter. And he was suppost to but then turned around and said no his a plonker x

  • Just smile to yourself and think "Thank god, hes my ex!" That should make you feel better, pleas take care.....Charlii xx

  • Hi, I just wanted to let you know that this happened to my 19 yr old so last summer, he drove to Cardiff, driving doesn't bother him him but what he did say was that you could see the train station from the entrance of the passport office and he said if he had known he would have gone on the train.

    Perhaps this would be a better option for you and then you wouldn't have to worry about the fatigue as much.

    Hope this helps, gentle hugs Judith

  • Thank you Judith, I saw the train station and me and my little ones thought lol we could have come by train oops. And lots of double expresso shots worked wonders bt I am paying for it now as got the shakes and jelly legs bed for me I think when I get the kids from school x

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