Well been to Gp had lovely chat with her got alot of my chest (well what chest igot lol) i also mentioned to her about applying for DLA she turned to me and said i think you shpuld go for it

you do it and if the worst happens its a no then re apply so i think i will i am going to make an appointment with a local office they write the forms out for you it a service thats free for people who are disabled or cant do as much as others she rold me to go there so i will do that in the next few weeks and see what happens

anyway then took my grandson out to town for half hour its lovely taking him as i can lean on his buggy while i walk instant walking frame

, anyway got home and post had been and guess what i got a free bus pass that i applied for it lasts until 2015

it is great it now means that if i am having a really bad day i can travel by bus the stop is right near my house and get bus back so save my jelly legs and petrol too ??!!! so that was good saw it online free bus pass for disabled got an application form and filled it in and that was 10 days ago so all good , hope you all have good evening love to you diddle x

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  • so pleased you had a such a good day diddle you deserve it ,i use my buggy as as awalker as well lol :)

    hugs to you hun xxxxxxxxxxx

  • fantastic news so pleased for u Diddle xxx ((hugs)) xxx :) amanda xxx

  • Excellent news Diddle, glad you had a good day xx

  • You lucky thing, I can't get a bus pass cos here you have to be on high rate mobility DLA to qualify and I'm only on low rate personal care :( It's so good to hear that someone with fms is actually getting something for a change, so enjoy my friend and well done. soft hugs xxxx

  • Aw thankyou i am sorry i arent rubbing it in to those who apply and not get them it is strange how the different areas of the country work though isnt it ? love to you diddle x

  • hi what area are you in ? xx

  • Congratulation diddle :) you've got your bus at the right time with all this hype about fuel shortages! I keep meaning to apply for mine but keep forgetting!lol thanks for reminding me ;)

    G xxx

  • Oops! Meant "bus pass" lol!

  • lo yeah got it at right time ha ha we do make each othewr laugh on here and i live in suffolk if you wonder why i dont go on reply personal;ly it because when i do that my timer comes up and stays ther forever an d wont leave the message or it leaves same message about 6 times love to you diddle x

  • I am applying for DLA as well. My local Citizins Advice is helping me to complete it. They have a specialist in completing these forms.

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