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Amazing friends and a big surprise

Yesterday I had arranged to meet one of my very good friends for our weekly catch up. We went into town together and she bought me a coffee. While we were sitting there, she suddenly burst out, "I have organised a surprise for you, so we have to leave as soon as we are done here!" I didn't really know what to say or think, she wouldn't give me any more information, except that it was a thank you for always being there for her when she needed someone for anything, and that she hoped I wouldn't be offended.

Which started to get me worried, haha!

Well she drove me home, but instead of stopping, she drove right by my house, to the hair salon at the end of the road. She had had her hair cut last week, and I told her at the time that I was envious, that I needed my hair done, but that I couldn't afford to get it done, but was looking forward to getting it done in februray for my birthday treat.

So she had booked and paid for me to get my hair cut!!!

I was totally overwhelmed. I feel so lucky to have amazing friends in my life, that appreciate me, and that value me, despite all this craziness that I come with.

Anyway, I now have fab friends AND fab hair!! lucky me!

As a thank you, I spent today baking shortbread to give her. :)

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What a lovely post! I always say that for the most part we reap what we sow in life, so I'm sure that you deserved your lovely treat. It warms my heart to hear of stories like this though and reminds me that we should all be grateful for special friends. I don't have a huge number of friends now that I have been ill for a while but those that I do have are very special indeed. Thanks for sharing this with us. Jane x


Hi there true friend you have there i have two good mates my daughter and my best mate i to am lucky they so good to me .... x


This is lovely to hear you have such thoughtful friends and they seem to provide a valuable support network. Smiles !

For anyone looking for a support group near them. Don't forget to look at the Support Group Directory on the FibroAction website

Best Wishes



the warrington group contact details don't work.



oh how lovely I bet you felt a million dollars! What a lovely friend and I bet she will love the short bread I know I would that is my favourite lolx


There is nothing like having your hair done! What a thoughtful friend you are blessed! xgins


What a lovely hing to do for you and I am sure she will enjoy her shortbread xx


I delivered the shortbread to her today, she laughed and said I didn't have to do that, but I knew that already. She has her aunt staying this weekend and they are having their family christmas meal tonight so her aunt said it was fabulous, that will go well with their theme.

Nice to be able to return the favour by putting smiles on their faces. :)


This was so lovely to read and so glad you have friends willing to go the extra mile xxxx


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