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Well another 4 am start lol getting qyite used to it , it dont half make my days long though as i go up to bed at 11pm dont sleep before 1 am then have fitful naps you all know how it s then up again at 4 am it is horrible makes you so tired and my body is in agony and aching my arms are really bad today as i bought a new table and chairs my daughter bless put the table and 2 chairs together then she had had enough andd her hands hurtas they give you stupid allen keys that round everything off after 6 turns soi managed to find a proper allen key and i done the last 2 chairs and oh my goodness you would think i had been in the world champion weight lifting team all day lol

love to you all diddle xxx

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Hey diddle, gentle hugs.

Am on my third night/day of not getting any sleep at all and just virtually climbing the walls with Mr Fibro et al -

I have a brand new table and chairs waiting to be assembled - they are parked in the hallway still in the box - and have been for MONTHS now! Wanna sort them for me? Petty please? :-D You're a braver gal than I am having a go at it yourself. I also find those allen keys, provided with flat packs, useless too. So I bought a solid set of them from a D.I.Y. store. Until Mr Fibro gripped me tighter - I was a great D.I.Y.-er - now I can barely open a can of anything before my hands starting curling up in agony.

I've a busy day a head - and not looking forward to any of it - but being on my own I have to make myself go out, pay bills, buy groceries etc., and get back home - before major panic and anxiety start at me.

I hope you take it easier today sweetie. Be kind to yourself.


Carol xx


Bless you it is my daughter whooat 19 is the whizzz with the flat pack she has a put a computer table together for me this weekend and the table and 2 chairs but i had to ask her how to do the other 2 lol did not have a clue iam useless at flat pacjk i cant understand the instructions i get so wound up so its her you need not me lol !!! I know it is horrible no sleep or very little then trying to function throught the day

I am same really jus me and my daughter here but she at worl mon to fri 8.30 am to 5.30 but she is so very good i dont have to worry about her tea she jus says put the oven on for me or she goes out like this evening she having a meal with her dad as he got back from offshore yesterday so thats nice so just me and the dog once i helped my sister forfew hours but thats easy just answering phone/taking money /re booking appointments and i can come home at any time which is lovely

i do hope you get on ok today withgetting your stuff all done it is raining here at the min too but it is really mild so now taking doggy out for his 1st walk love diddle x


So sorry you're still having the horrible early waking Diddle. It must really grind you down. I'm not around at 4 am these days as since I changed my meds I am able to sleep at a normal time.

Did miss you when you took a day off the forum. Your the backbone of this forum for me Diddle.

Whippet x


bless you thanks for that how kind love diddle x



I can really relate to you today. I suddenly came over all achey yesterday evening, had a terrible night of frettful sleep and am in agony today. Dragged myself to work with wrist splints and am typing very carefully with two fingers. Think I need a meds review too. Shame cause had a great two weeks or so but bubble has trully burst.


poor you hpe you feelbetter soon lol as if i always say that but we neer do feel better do we lol love diddle x



So strange I was a lot better today. What is that all about????

Hope you had a better night.



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