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I thought we were in for rain today but it is 6 .30 am and the sky is blue and the sun is shining and it looks like it is going to be a really lovely day so i may just pop to see my grandsons and help my daughter sort her house out bless her it is not a mess i mean take my hoover over as it is better than heres and blitz it for her it is hard with 2 x boys running around and a partnr who is as bad lol as fast as shwe is doing it they are behinf messing it all up my youngest is now off work for week so she will be catching up with her mates love to you all hope you got this lovely weather love diddle xxx

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Morning Diddle please send some sun up North we are just grey skies and it is pretty depressing! Still you enjoy the sun x gins


well spoke too soon lol it is now 8.08 am and it is turning grey now so hope it keeps dry so can get doggy up the beach and then it can do waht it wants but just for an hour or so as we need it to be fdry love to you diddle x


sounds like a busy day .. have fun xx

gentle dyslexic hugs


morning diddle its very very dark up north send us some sunny skie please.x


My son and I were going to try to rearrange the living room so my bed could be downstairs, but he had a very bad night and now at 3pm is asleep!

Ah well.


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