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I went to bed at 11 pm last night at 3.36 i still had not been tosleep my back was killing me and my whole body aches so i finally decided to get up at 4.05 am and get dresed for the day !!!!!

am now having a cup of tea and then taking the dog up the road for his walk and then will have a coffee to wake me up a bit more and then i am helping my sister at 11 at her beauty room thank goodness it is just sitting at the reception desk so thats good but trouble is i got to look all smiles and bright eyed and bushy tailed lol

even though i feel like death warmed up oh well will slap on a bit of make up so i dont still look like morticia adams fron the adams family lol

hope you got some nice plans for the day love diddle xxxx

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oh bless you diddle ,i really feel for you ,i wish i could wave some magic fairy dust so you could get a good nights sleep ,love and hugs xxx


Morning diddle ive been like you.sat here wasted.all wanna do is sleep but got docs soon.

How did your spray tan go ? X


hi having it today hopefully my sister got way laid yesterday with her kids lol but this weather i will prob look silly brown lol or orange ha ha let ya know laater if i have it and what colour i am mmmmmm???????? love diddle x


Fairy dust that would be brill lol, off to docs myself bad night fighting with the duvet and off to docs myself soon. Feel like I am going to be sick as well ughhh

Soft hugs xxx



Bad flare up for me today after weekend wirh the Granchildren think its just fibro army in my body wont give up :-( hope I survive the day out :-(

Allan x


lo look like we all having same problem at min lol never mind thingss can only get better asthe song goes !!!!!! love to all diddle x


I know just how you feel, I went to bed this morning @. 4am got up @ 7am could not sleep when I woke up like every morning I was ran over by a train then a lorry came along and ran me over this is what the whole of my body feels every day also have the ringing in my ears, had Cancer three times, major open heart surgery and lots more since the age of 19 what I would give to feel normal just for one day. This just makes you feel alone. I wish you all the best but I understand how hard it is. Paul x


I know just how you feel so my heart goes out to you, for the last week ive gone to bed and just flippin laid there eyes shut but wide awake, cant get comfy, back ache etc then in the day ive no energy feel lifeless and every single chore is like climbing a mountain the meds just dont help either they numb the pain but make you feel like your not even on this planet even more lifeless! Everybody thinks your just moaning and graoning all the time and dont truly understand, ive got so low i have self harmed getting frustrated with myself and feeling ashamed of being like this! Love hope and understanding to all xxx


I hope we can all feel a little easier soon!! I was up with vivid dreams crying in sleep lol

I had a friend from london for wkend, must of been soo boring for her.

Had dinner out yesterday and 2 glasses wine thought was feeling quite ok as warm weather and so wish had not.

Atleast you are focusing helping sister and able to sit down.

Sometimes being a home can just be as bad as been busy xxxx fluffy hugs


hi all xx

hope you had a nice time at your sister's place yesterday.

hope you got a better night last night, Diddle xx I'm so grateful that the combo of Gaba and Amitrip do the trick for me now at nights, so I could pretty much kiss goodbye to 20 years of insomnia! Occasionally I'll break thru the pills and pull an all-nighter, but these days it's a rarity. I wish for your sake that you find a drug cocktail that works for you one day xx

So how did the tan go? I'm considering doing the same ahead of my trip to Italy this Sept.


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